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2019 Hospitality Trends – In Review

2019 was a year of trial and changes. Many brands embraced the 2019 hospitality trends of traveling, taking the time to understand their guests, being more personal, and stepping outside of the box. Here are some of the top 2019 hospitality trends that took place.

#1 – Customization.

Hotels are now seeing that their guests want to be understood. Take WorldVue® by World Cinema for example. As the guest enters into the room, the television welcomes the guest by their full name.

#2 – Digital Guest Experiences.

We have talked a little bit about our favorite apps in a previous blog here. Apps are more prevalent than ever. There is an ease for guests to manage their upcoming stays, choose their room, and avoid lines to check in. They can now control all aspects of their stay to even text hotel concierge when requesting items.

#3 – The New Generations.

Generations Y and Z are booming their way into the hospitality industry and brands are noticing. They have different requirements and bringing new competitors like Airbnb and Uber into the space. It is the time of adaptation. Take the W hotel brand for example. They just released that they are changing their branding into targeting millennials. They took the time to understand their guests and adapted to their needs.

#4 – Internet of Things (IoT).

The most talked about subject of 2019. The idea of IoT bets on customers having a seamless experience. Hotels are already adapting smart features into the hotel rooms such as Amazon Alexa for Hospitality or Google. World Cinema has started releasing small doses such as ordering in-room services, messaging, and looking at local flight, entertainment and food attractions near by.

#5 – Artificial Intelligence .

Hotels are dramatically increasing the use of chatbots and automated phone calls. There are machine learning algorithms that are pre-designed to help streamline the conversations for guests based off their behavior.

Image credit: Lodging Magazine