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World Cinema, Inc. is the Premiere Provider of Commercial HDTV Services for the Hotel Industry & Property Management Firms

World Cinema leads the hospitality industry by providing services to over 7,000 properties and 900,000 rooms. We define the future for in-room entertainment by focusing on long-term relationships and helping properties save money on the technology their customers envision, need, and expect.

World Cinema, Inc. | Founded December 30, 1974

For over 47 years World Cinema, Inc. has consistently been the top performer of buying power in the property management and hospitality industries. We have always trusted our ownership and management to provide the most experienced team of in-room entertainment and innovative technology experts to assist our clients with their best interest and incredible service in mind.

WCI services properties in the U.S, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands

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We appreciate opportunities to reach a partnership and develop the perfect technical solution for unique properties. Relationships are at the core of the World Cinema business model.

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World Cinema is the Relentless Visionary of Reliable, Flexible and Customizable Entertainment Technology to Exceed Future Demand

Best Buy For Business and World Cinema Provide the Best Software, In-Room Entertainment Systems, and Service for the Highest Guest Satisfaction and the Best Guest Experience in the Hotel Industry

Best Buy For Business and World Cinema’s exclusive partnership brings your hotel the best in-room entertainment systems. Incorporate HD programming, OTT, and an interactive program guide to always be easily accessible to your guests, along with over 5,000 geek squad agents nationwide.