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CarrierWave Creative – The Hotel Digital Design Agency by WCI

World Cinema’s in-house hotel digital design agency, CarrierWave Creative, offers a complete design strategy to boutique and independent hotels across North America.

Defining Your Brand Identity

Branding is what defines each hotel’s unique space in the market. Lifestyle hotels, wellness retreats, and beachfront villas are very different properties, with different target audiences. Designing and sharing your brand’s unique message is essential to set your property apart and establish your unique spot in the hotel world.

This is where we come in. CarrierWave Creative is an all-inclusive hotel digital design agency for boutique and independent properties. Our parent company, World Cinema, is an allied partner of the Boutique Lifestyle Leadership Association (BLLA), an internationally recognized support system for boutique hotels. This partnership has established World Cinema as a trusted technology provider within the boutique sphere. CarrierWave Creative brings customized design solutions to both new and existing hotels.

Communicating Your Vision

Boutique hoteliers are visionaries. Ensure your vision is properly communicated to potential guests through authentic advertising and external communications. Digital design contributes to the overall identity and messaging of boutique hotels. It is important for boutique hotels to effectively communicate their unique attributes before guests book their stay.

Graphic design and web development are essential to captivate and engage guests. CarrierWave Creative specializes in graphic design and branding, developing cohesive designs for independent properties. In addition to creating graphics, CarrierWave Creative has a dedicated video team to create an in-house channel and multimedia content.

The CarrierWave Creative process begins with consultation and brainstorming and continues throughout the lifetime of the hotel. New boutique properties can meet with our team to define the hotel’s character, discussing messaging and advertising concepts. Operating hotels can also benefit from this process to refresh their marketing efforts and redefine their goals.

Exceeding Expectations

As a full-service design agency, we work with teams to create unique content to impress visitors and guests. Recently, we designed and installed the living image below, a captivating peacock in The Dorian, a Concord Hospitality property within the Marriott Autograph Collection, located in Alberta, Canada. The 9-screen video wall is located in the property’s sitting room, where guests are encouraged to stop and enjoy the image’s moving feathers and lifelike realism.

A captivating peacock in The Dorian, a Concord Hospitality property within the Marriott Autograph Collection.

Our Services

We believe there is a true, measurable value in the creative process and the impact that can be made when all the elements of a design come together to form an end product that is greater than the sum of its parts. That is the ethos that guides us and the value we strive to pass on to all of our clients.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is an inarguably essential component of how brands communicate today. We work with boutique properties to design unique, eye-catching graphics to best communicate your vision to guests.


Set your property apart with comprehensive branding by CarrierWave Creative. Our in-house design team collaborates with each property to create meaningful messaging to attract and engage audiences.

Multimedia Production

Multimedia content includes everything from text, audio, and images to automation, animations, and video. We work with properties to create compelling imagery and audio content.

Logo Design

Creativity is our middle name! Our hotel digital design team consults with boutique hotels to determine the unique direction and focus of each brand’s logo design.

Web Design and Development

Websites are hugely important in today’s marketplace. Once established, management can easily update their website in-house.


Our team captures the very essence of your property with high-resolution, quality imagery. Working together as a team, we will highlight whatever features you deem important for guests researching the property.


To best communicate your brand’s image, our in-house team will compose the text to be featured on each page of your website, in addition to composing marketing content and advertisements.

UI/UX Design

In addition to creating eye-catching imagery, our team develops meaningful content in an easy-to-use platform.


You are the expert in your hotel. We consult with boutique properties to determine the overall goals of desired graphics and messaging. Through comprehensive consulting, we establish the brand identity and help strategize the best ways to communicate with customers.