Delivering endless digital connectivity to communities effectively and efficiently.

ImpruviX Connectivity

Our circuit to the property, which provides bandwidth. We can offer SD-WAN functions to help manage this circuit and wireless redundancy to help increase uptime.

With ImpruviX, there are no limits.

We offer:

  • Purchasing power to deliver connectivity at the best prices and terms
  • Fiber, copper and mmWave Fixed Wireless
  • Multihome redundancy for greatest uptime
  • Static IPs
  • VOIP

Our Standardized Nation-wide
Pricing Starts At:

$149.99/Month wireless back SD WAN firewall

Increased security making networks more intelligent. Controlled directly from the cloud.

Find the right internet circuit for your property


Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) provides service to the property using existing telephone lines. This is an economical choice with reliable speeds for businesses.

Gigabit Ethernet

Scalable bandwidth solutions with fast speeds providing connectivity between two or more locations.

Fiber Optic

Fiber optics provide the fastest and highest connection speeds available today.

Dedicated Wireless

A wireless alternative solutions to wired networks such as cable modems. This used point-to-point connectivity with fast deployment, and providing your property with high speed internet. 

Key service support features to you and your residents

We offer

  • Hassle free installation
  • Remote Network Monitoring
  • Service Issues resolves over the phone in minutes
  • Little to no downtime required by your staff
  • 24/7/365 availability 

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*Basic Internet (nationwide) – 300Mbps download/20Mbps upload
  Premium Internet (select markets) – 1Gbps download/35Mbps upload

*Subject to availability 

** Fiber optics available upon request