Digital Infrastructure Done Right


Digital infrastructure is the backbone – the core – of these guest-centric technologies.

ImpruviX designs and installs new and retrofit infrastructure solutions at little to no capital cost or lower than our competitors in today’s market to support the ever-growing needs of property owners and developers.


Retail, Hotels, and multifamily properties typically do not have the proper infrastructure to support the massive demand for robust Wi-Fi, automation, access control, and connected applications that are a “must-have” for residents, guests and property management.


The ImpruviX Digital Infrastructure solution deploys solutions with a 20+ year useful life with a wired infrastructure consisting of fiber and CAT6 cabling.

Whether it’s an existing property or new construction, our team reviews your cabling specifics and electrical blueprints to fully design a custom wiring solution.

ImpruviX will be able to offer a consistent, premium cable installation at an affordable cost that local providers cannot offer.


Ensure that you have the best cabling infrastructure for your property and provide a flawless integrated technology experience with confidence

From early stages of design and planning to cabling install, our team of experts works with you every step of the way. Whether it’s an existing property or new construction, our team reviews your cabling specifics and electrical blueprints to fully design a custom wiring solution for you.

Our mission is to deliver a network infrastructure that can easily scale for higher bandwidth demands of Guest WiFi, VoIP, Guestroom Entertainment, Guest Streaming devices and Over the Top services.

  • Internet – Fiber/4G/FiOS/Coax
  • Analog/POTS
  • Public View TV – (Gym/Dining)
  • Guest Room Entertainment
  • VoIP
  • Structured Cabling
  • CCTV Network Surveillance System
  • Audio and Visual
  • SD-WAN and Managed Security
  • Cloud Services

Product Diversity

ImpruviX has a multitude of products at its disposal which allows us to approach each project with flexibility. The ability to utilize fiber, copper, or coax allows us to tailor each design to deliver superior performance cost-effectively

Partnership with OCC provides below market cost on daily materials averaging 20-30% savings on category cabling and category ancillary hardware (keystones, patch panels, wall plates, etc.). With OCC we have direct access to high-profile projects that are requiring OCC-specific products, access to equipment manufacturers, access to RCDD staff, and access to manufacturing engineering staff. We can leverage our relationship to cut common red tape with other manufacturers and distribution partners.

Unique market approach for complex distribution plans. MDU deployments are easily brought into a single circuit in place of multiple. Uplinks using fiber, copper, or Micro duct are available to easily transition almost any landscape. Our unique partnership positions us as 1 of the only private sector businesses with access to this equipment.

The InvisiLight Solution is a fast and easy way to deploy fiber in buildings to pass living units or offices and is virtually invisible to the eye to increase acceptance by building owners and tenants. The InvisiLight MDU cord can be installed in risers and hallways to eliminate the need for floor enclosures. The Invisilight ILU Solution can be deployed to connect subscribers from the hallway to the ONT inside the living unit or office.

Strategic & unique approach to utilizing existing coax infrastructure where we can deploy quickly and efficiently with minimal invasiveness to the property.

Leading fiber equipment/ hardware manufacturer. We can leverage our relationship with Tellabs for below-market price points on industry-leading hardware. We are provided unique training and insight into the market due to a direct relationship with the manufacturer.

The Airvine WaveTunnel™ _system supports multi-gigabit indoor backbone transport without the need for costly and cumbersome cabling. Each node has two radios, one pointed upstream and the other downstream. Each radio can send and receive in TDD mode using one of the six V-band channels (57-71 GHz).

Changeable, scalable, compatible and fully integrated solutions designed for easy changes or upgrades, without altering your infrastructure, sacrificing performance or enduring downtime

Eases the headache, with a network infrastructure solution that delivers consistency, reliability and fast turn-around to meet tenant needs.