This is World Cinema

A Letter From Our President, Tommy Fatjo

Building a platform is hard. Building a platform in technology is even harder. We knew that only by taking the more difficult path to be the sole provider, we would be able to seize the world of opportunity and continue to be profitable and grow with innovation.

We are entering a new chapter of growth by leveraging our legacy but expanding into new differentiated products which uniquely address the needs of luxury, ultra-luxury, casino, and international hospitality clients.

Our greatest differentiator is our singular focus on property technologies and our financial and operating stability. World Cinema was a pure play “property technology” company long before “PropTech” was cool. We were founded the year before Microsoft, six years before our largest peer competitor, nine years before the Internet was launched, and over 20 years before DBS satellite TV was launched.

WCI’s research and development team is all in-house and one of a kind. Continuously staying ahead of the curve in hotel technology, we are future proofing our technology to maintain the guest satisfaction. Hoteliers can expect consistent, reliable, clear and concise communication. Service companies should be measured not when things go well, but how they react when things break.

What sets us apart is that we have invested significant resources on back office and operating systems that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict outages before they happen. Our technician scheduling platforms improve logistics and drive improved customer experience. We have also completed the migration to the Microsoft Dynamics ERP platform which gives us an incredible set of productivity tools that will help us grow long into the future.

To date we serve over 7,000 properties with over 900,000 rooms under management.

We build trust with our clients and we enjoy maintaining those relationships. WCI has developed a team dedicated to our customers, the Customer Success Managers. This allows every property to ensure their needs are being met.

We are 100% committed to the success of our clients. We understand that the world doesn’t revolve around World Cinema, it revolves around the guest.

Tommy Fatjo

World Cinema, Inc. | Founded December 30, 1974

For over 48 years World Cinema, Inc. (WCI) has consistently been the top performer of buying power in the property management and hospitality industries. We have always trusted our ownership and management to provide the most experienced team of in-room entertainment and innovative technology experts to assist our clients with their best interest and incredible service in mind.

WCI is a trusted provider of video, advanced connectivity and professional services to properties and enterprises across the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the US Virgin Islands. With a dedication to customer service, WCI is leading the way in delivering innovative technology solutions that enhance the resident, guest and staff experience. From managed services to digital transformation, WCI is a single point of contact for all of a property’s technology needs.


WCI services properties in the U.S, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands