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4 Solutions Student Housing Owners Should Invest In

The student housing industry is facing a significant increase in connectivity demand due to the ongoing pandemic. With classwork and meetings transitioning online, students expect constant, exceptional internet connection. Student housing providers must adapt to this increasing demand, providing connectivity solutions to accommodate this new group of students’ needs. ImpruviX meets the needs of student housing owners while keeping students happy through wireless connectivity.

Trusted, Reliable Wi-Fi

Student life is transitioning online, making comprehensive and reliable Wi-Fi service essential. ImpruviX delivers fast and reliable fiber to student and multifamily properties through high-performance networks to offer students a more convenient and robust internet experience. This widespread internet access ensures a safe and engaging learning environment for new students, enabling them to perform at their best.

Cellular Boosting

For students, constant communication is increasingly important, both from a social and security standpoint. ImpruviX uses Cel-Fi cellular boosting to reduce dead zones, so students and employees feel safe across the entire student housing property. We are committed to providing an open-source platform for management, communication, and collaboration, automation of private 5G networks, and edge computing applications. We provide LTE modems to student housing, enabling cost-effective and safe browsing on campus. 

Streamlined Connectivity

Seamless connectivity is essential in student housing, both for comfort and security. ImpruviX NetworX provides a full range of secure connections to ensure constant connectivity across all campus buildings without the need to re-authenticate wireless connections. This process provides a better student experience by streamlining connectivity and backhaul throughout the property to provide fast, reliable Wi-Fi through multiple buildings and locations.

Constant Content

Students are watching more traditional television in addition to streaming on a variety of devices. World Cinema Inc. provides TV programming and streaming applications to satisfy this ongoing demand for media content. It is imperative that student housing provides students with media at their fingertips.

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