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The Importance of Customer Success and How to Maintain It

Recently, World Cinema has added a brand new team to the company. This team is known as Client Success. WCI saw the major value in presenting each customer with a dedicated client success manager to aid in those everyday needs.

Our customers, partners and clients all need someone they can call once the sale is completed. As Client Success Managers, our team is here to be the middle man between sales and the customer care center. They are responsible for developing customer relationships that promote not only retention but loyalty. The primary role of our CSMs are as follows:

  • Establish customer’s clear goals and milestones, and help achieve them through our products and services
  • Help receive value quickly by managing product implementation and on-boarding
  • Generate and share educational resources, training, and best practices
  • Synthesize customer feedback and work with internal WCI teams to respond to our customer needs
  • Be the customer’s trusted partner.

Everyone has challenges, and when it comes to hotels, there is much more that happens than lets say a TV channel not being displayed. We are here to make our hotels look like rockstars to their guests. From pre-sales to post-contract, our CSMs will work to create a mutually-beneficial relationship with our customers. Understanding their concerns and providing a solution.

Not only is it important for our CSMs to support the customer, but it is equally important for them to be the customer advocate to the company as well. They will organize, analyze, and share the information to other departments to ensure our company is making decisions that consider the customer.