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Trusting Your Technology

A highly important feature in your hotel management strategy is trusting your technology. Without that ability, your hotel could be exposed to cyber attacks or data misinformation. 

How do you trust something if you can’t physically see it?

Edelman’s 2019 Trust Barometer revealed that 61 percent of people in developed markets, believe technology companies have too much power to determine what news and information we see, and only 39 percent of respondents in developed markets believe tech is putting the welfare of its customers ahead of profits.

It is essential that your hotel invests in a technology company that is trustworthy and can help avoid the possibility of cyberattacks. Cybersecurity is something that is often overlooked by hotels, and the consequences are lethal for business. Check out our blog on ways to better your hotel’s cybersecurity measures. 

Data misinformation is another important reason for trusting your technology. If you have inadequate technology platforms in your hotel, your guests run the risk of their reservations being lost, data being skewed, or information being exposed. 

The best choice you can make in terms of your technology is outsourcing to a third party property technology company. A company who specializes in this industry will understand what tech is trustworthy and will work best for your business. 

Your job isn’t evaluating different technology platforms, it is running an efficient and welcoming hotel. Outsourcing to a company like World Cinema is the way to go for leading a hotel into the new era of property technology.