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WCI Technologies Delivers a Secure Foundation Globally

WCI Technologies by World Cinema is a leading telecommunications company integrating systems for global enterprise companies. Founded in 1974, World Cinema is a leading technology company for hotels and multifamily communities. WCI Technologies expands to include solutions.

As a Lumen Channel Partner, WCI Technologies can utilize Lumen’s flexible, fully-integrated portfolio of network and IT services that spans infrastructure, applications, services and geographies to enable greater business adaptability for customers.

World Cinema partners with technology companies across North America to provide professional services.

The four pillars of WCI Technologies include Adaptive Networking, IT Agility and Hybrid Cloud, Connected Security and Voice and Unified Communications.

The Four Pillars of WCI Technologies

Adaptive Networking: Provides hybrid network solutions built to quickly respond to customers’ ever-changing data and application needs.

Edge Cloud & IT Agility: Enhances application experiences by delivering low-latency, high performance data access and by moving data closer to where customers need them.

Connected Security: Offers global threat intelligence, network-based security controls and deep security expertise to help customers protect their data and applications against constantly evolving threats.

Communications & Collaboration: Communication solutions make it easy for people to stay connected and engaged wherever they are located.

WCI Technologies services include:

  • Managed network services
  • Global connectivity
  • Private enterprise 5G
  • Cloud
  • Voice
  • Colocation
  • Unified communications
  • Satellite solutions

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