Scan and Connect!
The touchless solution keeps your hands off the in-room tv remotes and puts your personal devices in control.

The Ultimate guest experience

Controlled by the Guest’s Own Device

An internet-based page designed for ease of access to act as the tv remote in your hotel room. With your personal device’s camera and our QR code, you can start controlling your in-room television immediately.

No app downloads. No extra storage space on your phone. No touching the tv remote.

  • More than one guest can use the mobile remote at a time
  • Mobile Remote pairing cleared upon checkout or every day at 11:00am

Once a guest has checked in and arrived at their hotel room, they can scan our QR code displayed on the in-room television. Their phone is now connected to the TV as well as any other IoT devices within the room such as lights or thermostat.

There are no permissions, no passwords, no new wireless networks to join, and most importantly, no touching other devices in the room. Once connected, guests can browse through the channel guide, select a show, control volume, and change language preferences. Guests can also select streaming apps to watch on the TV.

*Concept render of in-development product. Final version may differ in appearance and/or function

*Available to WorldVue® OTT Customers