Stand Alone Casting

Cast Content Directly To Your Guest Room TVs

Casting has never been easier. With little equipment required, World Cinema enables guests to cast any content from personal devices directly to guest room televisions.

Equipment Requirements

Televisions with HDMI ports

Chromecast Dongle*

      Proxy Server

WCI Offers Different Ways to Display

Option 1: WCI will configure the TV’s built-in channel lineup to make HDMI (Casting input) the next location after the last channel in the property’s channel lineup. Ex: Configure the TV to go from Channel 40 to HDMI (casting) as the guest uses the up arrow on the remote.

Option 2: WCI will configure a Reach or Pro-Centric server to insert the HDMI input as the last channel in the lineup.

Option 3: Enable an HDMI input in a SMARTBOX scrolling guide.

*No set-top box is needed

**Chromecast Dongle to be purchased and installed by WCI

***WCI can apply overlay to the properties’ current free-to-guest or programming system