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3 Reasons Boutique Hotels Should Invest in Technology

Boutique hotels provide curated guest experiences that go beyond just a beautiful aesthetic and exciting location. Boutique hotels strive to create an authentic and immersive experience that showcases their independence and pleases guests.

While many larger hotel chains must adhere to specific brand standards, boutique hotels can choose unique technology solutions. World Cinema designs technology to accommodate unique needs.

Meets guests’ changing needs

Guest preferences are everchanging and what makes an experience one-of-a-kind today might not be the case tomorrow. Investing in technology helps boutique hotels evolve the guest experience to meet these changing needs without skipping a beat.

An emerging trend this year is the increased focus on wellness among boutique guests. In-room entertainment solutions give properties a chance to showcase yoga or workout videos on a guest room TV.

Luxury boutique travelers need safety and comfort. Numerous technological advancements can help guests feel at ease during their stay. Technology can also help operational efficiencies, such as the housekeeping app developed by WCI.

Delivers personalized experiences

Highly personalized service is a hallmark of boutique hotels and an expectation among guests. Technology enables boutique hotels to cater to every guest preference imaginable. Smart room technology gives guest a tase of luxury and convenience with the ability to control their in-room experience all with the click of a button.  

Casting technology is also another solution many boutique hotels are using to provide a unique convenience to their guests. Casting is an in-room entertainment solution that customizes the guest experience. The Maven created a theatre-like experience for its boutique guests by turning the expansive guest room windows into a large screen using projectors and WCI’s Chromecast technology. 

Drives guest satisfaction

The endless technology solutions now available to hotels ensures every guest has a unique and personalized stay. In-room entertainment solutions can be used to not only showcase your property amenities but showcase the surrounding local attractions as well. Promoting the farmer’s market down the street from your property or local artisans through guest room TVs helps guide guests to create the experience they’re looking for.

Technology helps tell the story of your boutique hotel and ensures each guest receives an unparalleled experience. Through reliable digital experiences and endless entertainment options, guests are sure to leave your property wanting more and looking forward to their next visit.