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3 Technology Amenities Your Residents Want

Apartment owners have long focused on offering the next-best technology amenities to attract and retain residents. Developers often scramble to be the first to implement one-of-a-kind amenities to set themselves apart.

However, a new report from Apartment Guide found that 36% of apartment residents are unhappy with their current amenities. But to many apartment owners, a complete overhaul of their property simply isn’t an option.

Technological amenities are an easy, cost-effective way for apartments to generate a positive response from leasing agents, brokers, and residents. Technology is a great way to ensure you are a step ahead of your competitors.

Managed Wi-Fi services

The multifamily housing market appeals to a large range of residents, but they all need reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi. According to the same Apartment Guide report, 16% of residents said they want better Wi-Fi.

One option for apartment owners is the “bring your own internet” approach, leaving residents to deal with poor customer service, defective equipment and spotty connectivity. This often creates an inconsistent and frustrating experience, resulting in dissatisfied residents.

Or apartment owners can utilize managed Wi-Fi services. Managed Wi-Fi services offer an attractive, highly desired amenity that draws tenants, grows revenue and differentiates their property from the rest. Through these services, apartment owners work with a provider to manage the deployment and operations of the Wi-Fi services for the entire property.

By pre-planning the property’s Wi-Fi network, the provider maps out the deployment of indoor and outdoor access points for fast, reliable connectivity and seamless roaming throughout the community. The results in a simplified network set-up and an increased number of devices supported by each access point. Managed Wi-Fi services have the ability to support almost every on-site technology solution including access control, security camera, environmental monitoring systems and smart room technology.

Smart home technology

Today’s smart home technologies are endless, and they’re improving the renting experience for both owners and residents. For multifamily property owners, smart technology cuts operational costs, improves security and increases resident appeal. For residents, these technology solutions drive higher satisfaction by giving them greater control over their apartment experience.    

A report from the National Multifamily Housing Council showed that residents are most interested in smart home technology that can save them money. This includes solutions like smart thermostats, sensor lighting and digital door locks.

Residents are looking for technology that provides access and convenience while easing the traditional struggles of renting. For many residents, the smart thermostat is one of the most sought-after technology projects. These allow residents to set custom temperature scheduled to better control their energy consumption while home or away. Residents can do the same with smart lighting controls to increase energy efficiency and lower electricity costs.

The most important aspect of smart home technology is the ability to integrate seamlessly with a resident’s phone. Personal device haves become the hub for most technology trends, so residents expect this same functionality from their smart home technology.

Reliable cellular coverage

The need for reliable connectivity doesn’t just include Wi-Fi, but cellular coverage as well. Many of today’s residents live and breathe by their phones, increasing the need for apartment owners to ensure strong coverage throughout the property.

According to the same NMHC report, 46% of residents said they checked mobile phone connectivity during their apartment tour and 91% said reliable cell reception is important.

Cellular boosting is another solution offered through managed Wi-Fi service providers. This helps solve the problem of dropped calls, poor voice quality and low data throughput commonly caused by a weak cellular signal in apartments. Cellular boosting also ensures resident safety. By eliminating dead zones throughout the property, residents will have strong cellular coverage when it matters most.

Implementing these technology solutions can help apartment owners win the amenities race by attracting future residents and driving high satisfaction among current residents.