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4 Benefits of Managed Wi-Fi for MDU Community Owners

ImpruviX by World Cinema is the preferred circuit provider for apartment communities. WCI’s managed Wi-Fi solution simplifies and centralizes the property’s internet connectivity, improving convenience for residents and property managers alike.

ImpruviX by World Cinema retrofits custom network cabling to support rental properties in operation today, implementing sustainable, future-proof digital infrastructure. Managed Wi-Fi by ImpruviX is a profitable investment for MDU communities and eases operations for the internal property management team.

Why Now?

Upgraded networks are increasingly important for multifamily communities, as new technologies rely on high-speed, advanced internet connectivity. Today’s residents need upgraded bandwidth to support all their devices, including smart room upgrades like thermostats and automated light treatments. Internet needs are going to grow as new technologies like the metaverse and augmented reality continue to grow in importance.

Below are the top four benefits properties will gain when they select ImpruviX by World Cinema as their trusted Managed Wi-Fi provider:

Wi-Fi as a Fee-Based Amenity

Apartments can offer property-wide internet as a value-added service, increasing retention rates and improving the renter experience.

Managed Wi-Fi is an additional stream of revenue for apartment complexes. Charging a slightly higher fee for monthly, property-wide Wi-Fi is commonplace, especially considering the contractual obligations associated with the investment. Managed Wi-Fi is an excellent way for apartment complexes to receive extra funds each month.

With our InstaOn™ feature, residents can immediately connect to the internet when they move in, avoiding complicated processes like selecting an individual Wi-Fi provider. Residents are willing to pay more to avoid the hassle of installing and managing their own internet service.

Improving Resident Retention

Also, ImpruviX brings security and consistency to residents. Custom network design by ImpruviX ensures residents are supported with high-speed, secure digital connectivity. No two properties are the same which means no single solution will fit every property’s needs. Our solutions include a completely customized Wi-Fi network providing property-wide internet access and Wi-Fi call support. Managed Wi-Fi is an attractive feature for apartment residents as they can rely on property-wide, secure internet access.

Furthermore, resident amenities have expanded beyond the traditional, as apartment dwellers are increasingly reliant on constant connectivity with minimal interruption. Today’s residents expect to stream content and use the internet seamlessly throughout the property, moving beyond their respective dwellings. Additionally, apartment complexes can advertise their Wi-Fi services as an added amenity, setting the property apart from local competition.

Reliable Connectivity for Staff and Internal Systems

The apartment management team also needs reliable internet connectivity for staff support and internal systems like cloud-based video management systems. Additionally, property management needs internet access to communicate with residents and prospective tenants. Property-wide Wi-Fi is also essential for security cameras and remote video monitoring solutions like ImpruviX common area cameras. Furthermore, providing Wi-Fi benefits not only residents but internal staff as well.

Our solutions utilize existing infrastructures providing a flexible agnostic solution that requires little to no staff interruption or disruptive experience.

IT Support and Easy Operation

Managed Wi-Fi by ImpruviX simplifies the internet experience for property managers and residents alike. Property-wide Wi-Fi simplifies the move-in experience for new residents as they can immediately connect to the internet upon moving in. ImpruviX simplifies the turnover process for apartment managers as we are available 24/7. World Cinema’s managed Wi-Fi solution is easily upgraded and centrally managed by our team, saving apartment management the hassle and cost of hiring an internal IT team to update the system.

Additionally, the ImpruviX Connectivity platform is flexible and scalable to accommodate the growing needs of each individual end-user. Our design team can utilize and advance existing infrastructures or provide customized, ground-up network designs with advanced technical architecture. We also install proprietary monitoring devices to drive useful analytics like circuit uptimes, latency, and jitter and reduce packet loss. Our remote monitoring system allows us to work proactively, getting ahead of potential issues before they happen.

The World Cinema Customer Promise

We deliver secure, consistent, and scalable Wi-Fi throughout each property using modern Wi-Fi technology and leverage partnerships that drive innovation. Different clients have different goals. In delivering exceptional Wi-Fi experiences, there is not a one-size-fits-all solution. By remaining neutral and open to many different solutions, we can deliver the best total cost of ownership to meet the specific goals of any property.

Our in-house hands-on project management approach for technology implementation to act as a centralized point of contact for all property needs. We offer key support features to our customers, including hassle-free installations, remote network monitoring and 24/7/365 service through our Customer Care Center at our headquarters in Houston, Texas.