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Creative Technology Solutions Empower Boutique Hotels

Boutique hotels attract stylish travelers and enthusiastic adventurists. It is essential for boutique hotel management to provide creative technology solutions to empower visitors and maintain a cohesive, professional image.

Successful boutique hotels are always on the lookout for ways to set themselves apart. Unique, memorable experiences draw guests to hotels that personalize their vacation and encourage them.

Tailored Messaging

Guests stay in boutique hotels for their eccentric charm and creative experiences. WorldVue extends the hotel image with detailed platform creation and careful digital signage solutions. With personalized options, boutique hotels can feature the highlights of their hotel and focus on what sets their property apart. Interactive displays encourage guests to fully immerse themselves in the hotel, finding their flight information and leaving recommendations for newcomers. Our digital signage solution works directly with management to ensure the images and messaging are cohesive with the brand experience.

Thoughtful Innovation

Character is the driving force behind boutique hotels. With thoughtful design and careful implementation, boutique hotels are differentiated by the extra things they have to offer guests. For a one-size-fits-all experience, visitors can choose from a variety of chain hotels, each with predictable design choices. Boutique hotel visitors are searching for that extra little something, the “oomph” that makes their stay all the more special. It is imperative that boutique hotels highlight their unique offerings and thoughtful innovation. World Cinema designs a technology solution unique to each hotel through out internal technology engineers and system designers. This extra step of personalization can be the defining characteristic that sets a boutique hotel apart from a recognized brand.

Curated Experiences

Many boutique hotels are in glamorous locations or on downtown, busy streets. As guests enjoy their time exploring all the area has to offer, many look forward to the end of the day when they can relax in their room or kick back at the hotel restaurant, pool, or bar. WorldVue presents all the hotel amenities on the in-room television screen, keeping guests informed through helpful, pointed information. The television home screen can feature any information the management team finds important, whether that be pool hours or room service menu options. With fast and easy information at their fingertips, guests can relax and enjoy their comfortable room.