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Case Studies on Hotel Technology

Hotels need to improve their mobility and technology as the industry pushes forward into the future. Many brands are picking up on this need, and conducting small case studies on hotel technology in order to see real results. It is important for other hotel companies to learn about these studies and consider the implications.

Case Study Number One

The first case study involves an Asian hotel chain approaching a company about a smart hotel solution. It was the first time the hotel had outsourced technology needs, and it paid off. 

Their solution involved a tablet which allowed the guest full control over amenities, access to hotel information, as well as the ability to order food/services, chat with staff, get alerts from management, and more. 

The case study concludes by sharing the benefits of embracing technology in hotels. The solution improved guest experience, drove sales, and brought new elements of excitement to the guest. 

Case Study Number Two

The second case study to consider is a hotel which needed a new in-room entertainment platform. They outsourced and installed new TVs along with the new interactive platform. 

Results included easier guest interaction, less frequent technology concerns, and a better approach towards the future of hospitality technology.

Why They Matter

These case studies on hotel technology are necessary to consider when approaching technology for your hotel. The insights they offer demonstrate the need for increased mobility, and the clear benefits from engaging your guests with technology. World Cinema is an excellent choice for improving your technological capabilities. With our help, you too can see the pay-offs that these case studies present.