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Cobotics in the Hotel Industry

Cobots, or ‘collaborative robots’, are beginning to take hold in the hospitality industry as a bridge to the future of hotel management. The idea of robots interacting with guests seems intimidating and implausible, but some hotels are already beginning to see great success with these new additions to staff.

Hilton has implemented a concierge robot named Connie at their McLean Hotel in Virginia Beach. Connie assists with answering questions from guests and suggesting places to eat or nearby attractions to explore. The cobot delights guests and takes some of the workload off the front desk staff so that they have more time allotted for complex tasks.

Front desk staff should not have to waste time answering the repetitive questions that guests often ask. Thich can result in frustrating wait times and flustered staff. Cobotics could be the answer to issues in the hotel industry like this and more.

The full array of possibilities for Cobotics in the hotel industry is endless. Considering that the technology is only beginning to be researched for hospitality use. Cobots could potentially be used as butlers, maids, in food service, and more.

Many are worried that these new developments could result in cobots replacing human jobs, but this is not the case. On the contrary, The Guardian reports that over 7 million new jobs will be created as a result of automation, resulting in a net increase in jobs. 

Robots won’t fully replace human workers, but instead they will most likely work hand in hand. It also allows for opportunities for human jobs that haven’t even been invented yet. This will lead to more efficient job productivity with robots taking over the monotonous grunt work in many jobs. Humans will be left with higher level and more meaningful careers.

Image via USA Today.