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How Hotel Technology Enhances Hospitality

Hotels are increasingly becoming more technologically savvy.

Guests want safety, and mitigating personal contact is a large part of that. An increasing number of hotels are implementing technology to boost their efficiency, although some worry that the guest experience will suffer as a result.

Technology automatically brings visions of cold and empty lobbies, frowning faces, and perhaps even some intimidating robots. No need to worry! Hotel technology can actually be a gamechanger for your business.

Contrary to popular belief by hotel owners, a personal check-in process is not high up on a guest’s priorities list. There are many other ways to show off your hotel’s warm hospitality. Most guests don’t care to make awkward small talk with a receptionist or to wait in a line.

You can run your hotel smoothly and efficiently by leaning more on technology. In regards to reception, a lot of hotels overstaff their front desk because guests tend to check-in and check-out at the same time, which leads to potential lines and customer frustration. 

An alternative to that is a mobile app where guests just replace that process by simply using their phones, avoiding any lines or backlog. Marriott Hotels introduced a mobile check in app, and to use it guests are required to become Marriott Rewards members, generating more business for their hotels.

Marriott’s Mobile Key

Hilton have already integrated check in from their mobile apps through Digital Key. Your Digital Key opens any door you’d normally access with a key card. This could include your room, elevators, side doors, the fitness center, and even the parking garage.

World Cinema is prepared to help your hotel make the transition to partnering with technology, and jumpstart your efficiency. Hotels shouldn’t take the brunt of busy work in-house. It distracts from providing the best service possible for your guests. 

With WCI’s WorldVue® platform, your hotel can experience all the benefits of technology without the hassle. Now is the time to transition to the future and get an edge on the competition.

Image from Revinate.