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Contactless Guest Experience Through World Cinema

The hotel industry will see immense change in a post-pandemic world. As guests begin to venture outside of their homes to vacation or travel for work, they will need plenty of reassurance about the safety of their stay. 

The industry is already streamlining their sanitization methods, providing hand sanitizer for guests, reducing interaction by limiting elevator capacity, etc. However in addition to those adjustments, this is an opportunity for hoteliers to set themselves apart from the rest by turning to the future of property technology. 

World Cinema’s fully customizable platform WorldVue® makes virtually contactless guest experience possible. 

Guests can access room service menus directly from their TV, avoiding the potential germs lingering on a paper menu from the previous guests as well as saving time that would have been spent cleaning the menus. Room service can also be ordered through WorldVue®, without having to touch the phone.

Another helpful feature of WorldVue® is contactless checkouts. Instead of walking down to the front desk, chatting with the receptionist, and passing room keys back and forth, guests can review their folio and checkout all from the safety of their room. This limits the spread of germs and is also more time efficient for the guest.

World Cinema is here to help hoteliers combat the fear of a hotel stay by introducing innovative technology through WorldVue®. Hotels will not succeed unless they make strides towards a more contactless system of operations. Safety is the new luxury, and World Cinema takes pride in it.

The WorldVue® platform addresses the question of how to stand out in the hotel industry during this time of crisis. It is imperative that hoteliers do more than just the industry standard in terms of cleanliness and efficiency. With a fully customizable platform that’s purpose is to make the guest experience as frictionless as can be, the possibilities are endless. 

World Cinema continues to encourage customers to reach out to us about further methods of utilizing our technology to expand their clean goal. We are so proud of our clients for taking initiative to put the health of their guests above all else during this difficult time. Marriott, Hilton, and many more companies that we serve have all set initiatives for making the transition to contactless and clean experiences. 

The American Hotel & Lodging Association has created the Safe Stay guidelines, an industry-wide safety initiative focusing on enhanced cleaning procedures, CDC recommended cleaning products, and social distancing, among other elements. World Cinema is an AHLA Allied Member and we are committed to going above and beyond protocol to ensure the safety of our clients’ guests.