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The WorldVue ® Portal Supports Efforts to Bring Your System Back Online

World Cinema is excited to share our new and improved WORLDVUE® Portal to support all efforts taken to bring your system back online. Say goodbye to numerous phone calls and emails. Our portal gives you, the property, complete control to manage the GRE system. Some of your most important tasks – now clearer than ever.

Here are some key features of The Portal:

  • Access the current state of each room in the property 
  • Reboot and edit set top boxes with no guest interruption
  • Identify and resolve issues such as channel outage, before guests notice
  • View real-time and historical statistics such as channels watched and hours viewed
  • Control certain in-room features like Events Calendar and Guest Messaging

This novel aspect to the WORLDVUE® platform brings a new dimension to property technology management. Instead of guest experiences being tarnished by technological issues, the status of every room’s television can be easily monitored and fixed when necessary, before the guest even checks in. 

The portal can also be used to access data of the channels that guests watch the most. This is useful for assessing what channel packages are the best choice for your hotel, as opposed to blindly choosing the package with the most channels. 

Events are a crucial component to a guest’s interpretation of a hotel when they are, for example, part of a wedding. The WORLDVUE® Portal makes scheduling simple and efficient. The Portal allows management to instantly communicate important event details to the rooms involved, directly through their television. 

Event feature

The WORLDVUE® Portal makes hotel management more simple, and allows you to show your guests the best service possible. Instead of letting the problem get ahead of you, the program allows for efficient and easy problem solving. It provides the security that your hotel needs as business begins the return to a new normal.

Guest Messaging feature