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World Cinema Guest Room Entertainment (GRE for Hotels)

For over 40 years, World Cinema has partnered with leading hotel brands to provide the premiere technology in guest room entertainment (GRE for hotels). Bring the latest innovation in 4K, HD, Casting, and Streaming to your hotel today with World Cinema.

World Cinema leads the Hotel GRE industry in:

  • TV with App-titude- fully customizable access to all major apps and property highlights
  • Internet with Intellect– delivering future needs now, faster than ever
  • Voice That’s Heard- unmatched connectivity and service
  • Reliability– 400+ service technicians and the nationwide 5,000 Best Buy Geek Squad agents

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Hotel Guest Room Entertainment Systems

Imagine your guest, John Smith, is relaxing in his room at your property. When he turns on his in-room television, he is immediately greeted by text that reads: Welcome John Smith. Thank you for choosing {Brand Hotel}!

Personalized guest experiences improve guest satisfaction and make them feel at home. World Cinema enhances the guest experience with personalized touches like customized notes and in-room guest messaging.

Additionally, our platform simplifies the guest experience, allowing them to order food, book spa appointments, request more towels, etc. from their TV remote. Furthermore, guests can check out from the comfort of their room, with the option to view their bill on the television screen.

GRE For Hotels

Streaming applications are increasingly important. Guests can feel right at home with Netflix, HULU, HBO GO, Showtime, Crackle, YouTube, etc. Additionally, with Chromecast solutions, guests can cast their personal devices directly to the TV. Learn more about our platform here.

GRE for hotels

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