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Hotels can now Provide On-Demand Programming for Wellness-Centric Guests

This year, travelers are focused on wellness initiatives like purposeful mindfulness and meditation. With World Cinema, hotels across North America are providing accessible wellness solutions to increase guest satisfaction. Also, wellness travel is growing in popularity, and hotels need to ensure their technology is up for the challenge.

Hotels are encouraging guests to relax and enjoy a worry-free hotel stay complete with internet connectivity and wellness initiatives.

In-Room Entertainment

WCI partners with DISH Programming to bring hotels in-room entertainment solutions and customizable television channel line-ups. Guests report they feel more at home when they can continue their morning routine of watching the news or catching up on sports highlights. Furthermore, the health community recognizes the positive impact of routine on both physical and mental health. Support guests with technology attuned to their needs.

Today, traveling can be a stressful experience for many people, especially in unpredictable conditions. Furthermore, hoteliers can ease anxieties by providing in-room entertainment solutions attuned to customers’ unique needs.

On-Demand Meditation

An additional way to support guests’ mental health is through mediation and mindfulness activities. Recently, the media have emphasized the importance of thoughtful reflection and introspection. Today, streaming services like Netflix provide guided meditation for viewers through services like Headspace. Guided sessions can help hotel guests relax and unwind in a new, thoughtful way. Provide enhanced wellness solutions through streaming and casting services with World Cinema.

Relaxing Sleep Sounds

The WorldVue platform now includes our Relax application. This program includes a library of specialty channels, providing hours of relaxation, meditation, yoga, sleep, and background video programming. Minimize intrusive noise levels and encourage healthful sleep patterns, promote productivity and reduce stress with the Relax application through WorldVue.

Live Stream Activities

Finally, hotels with on-site gyms and classes can take advantage of the Live Stream function of WorldVue. Guests can enjoy hotel amenities in the comfort of their own rooms, reducing social anxiety and promoting physical wellness. Live stream yoga and meditation activities are growing in influence amongst guests. Regardless of the reason for their stay, all guests can benefit from guided meditations by staff.

The WorldVue Live Stream channel can be password-protected in the event that a guided class is a premium hotel amenity. Additionally, certain rooms can receive this amenity and hotels can advertise them as special rooms. World Cinema provides advanced solutions for wellness-centric guests.

Live Stream on-site amenities like guided yoga classes with WorldVue Live Stream.