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Innovation and Service Abound: Our Best Buy Business Partnership

To meet the demands of today’s discerning travelers, hoteliers must provide an in-room entertainment experience that at least equals – and hopefully surpasses – the experience guests can have in their own homes.

Therefore, with the Best Buy Business-WCI partnership, meeting that goal is more achievable than ever. When hoteliers partner with Best Buy Business and World Cinema, here are some of the benefits they will experience:


geek squad partnerQuick responses to service requests. The combination of the 400-technician-strong WCI team and the Geek Squad nationwide team of more than 5,000 agents, we can nimbly and quickly respond to any service issues and resolve those issues within hours.

A wide range of equipment installation and setup services. Minimize disruption to hotel operators with the efficient and effective installation and setup processes. Project managers will work to ensure a seamless installation experience by overseeing all aspects of on-site installations. Through our partnership, we can seamlessly schedule equipment deliveries and service team appointments to ensure seamless installation whether it is new construction, a renovation or a technology upgrade.

Customizable entertainment solutions. Hotels can choose the right services for their guests, including high-definition cable, satellite, video on demand and hotel broadcast content. Our combined innovation stack includes leading-edge 4K technologies and streaming services. Delight hotel guests with the same entertainment experience they have at home.

Personal service. Professional, unbiased account managers will work directly with hotels to determine the right technology solutions and services for their guests. We are built in technology and the hospitality industry. As such, this deep knowledge ensures we recommend and deliver the best options for you and your guests.

Best-in-class, commercial-grade TVs. Hoteliers have exclusive access to top-of-the-line, hospitality-caliber televisions from leading manufacturers such as LG and Samsung. We ensure you are not only meeting but exceeding the entertainment experience your guests have at home. geek squad world cinema

TV recycling. No more unsightly TVs and technology taking up precious storage at your hotel. When it’s time to say good-bye to old, out-of-date televisions and electronics, Best Buy Business and WCI will handle the recycling of the items.


Affordable and flexible payment options. We understand budgets and the importance of cash-flow in hotel operations. Therefore, we have made purchasing the right equipment easy with credit card options, net-30 terms and leasing available.

Multiple order-fulfillment options. We streamline the procurement process by with our direct shipping and multi-location shipping options. This enables larger orders to be fulfilled at one time to improve pricing.

Above all, at WCI, we truly believe our partnership with Best Buy Business offers hotels an array of unparalleled entertainment solutions and services. When hotels partner with us, the sky is truly the limit – and satisfied guests are sure to be the result.