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Protecting Your Guests’ Privacy Versus Voice Control

Over the past weeks multiple major hotel chains have rolled out a “test” of Amazon Alexa. The main question is, how are the brands planning on protecting their guests’ privacy and in return guaranteeing a positive guest experience.

Let’s think back to when the Alexa talk for hotels first came about. Some were excited, others got down into the weeds with how it would be suitable and valuable to the hotel room. Brands need to be laser focused on their guest satisfaction during their stay. Making each individual feel safe, and as if they were at home.

By entering into the smart room features, casting devices, voice control, controlling lights and temperature, it opened up the doors to deliver more technology to the new group of travelers, the millennials. Millennials are growing up in a place where voice control is everywhere. Siri, Google, and now Amazon. But surprisingly enough, some hotel guests are not excited about having devices that listen in their homes, let alone, in their hotel rooms.

Best Western’s test back in 2017 showed that majority of their guests, unplugged the device upon entering the room.

Since then Amazon has changed it’s driver for the hospitality industry by coming out with ‘Alexa For Hospitality. Designed to let each brand and property customize the features based on their guests’ needs. Simple elements that used to make guests pick up the phone and call the front desk about can now be handling with seamless voice control. Play music, order more towels, control lightning, secure dinner reservations and more is just seconds away.

So, what is the next steps for hotels trying to integrate voice control? Test and more tests. Educate the guest of it’s features and make them feels secure that their data and information will not be shared. Let them know that in the event of concern, we recommend the guest turning or unplugging the device.  Finding the best and innovative way to meet the guest needs is

AI reported that the smart speaker installment rose 40% in 2018, with over 66 million devices. The outlook for 2019 and beyond is endless. Will your brand be next to integrate voice control?