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Investing in the Future Hotel Experience

Inspired by Hospitality Technology

All the talk about “future” technology and “future” hotel rooms has everyone wondering what exactly is going to happen and how is it going to impact our brand. Technology is making it easier than ever to interact with guests. Brands are starting to release that every guest is different which requires a different approach and experience individually. It is near impossible for to learn the habits and traits of each consumer that comes into your front door without technology. Those adapting the cutting-edge technology are becoming the leaders and will surpass the others.

In the special report that Michael Christine Escobar wrote on Modern Hotel Experience, he stated, “The hotel experience begins, not when a guest steps on the property, but the moment she takes a step towards booking.”

Think about this. What do consumers look for when booking? Reviews, location, member perks, recommendations, amenities. There are numerous amounts of information being thrown at them when deciding where they want to ultimately just sleep. There is a study with Red Roof that shows that 60% of the first point of contact with a guest is digital. It only continues to when they step foot in the hotel room, that they want to be surrounded with familiar things like they are at home.

Hilton is changing the industry with allowing their Hilton Honors guests to change various items in the room via the app. What if each guest could walk in and the temperature was preset to their liking. The lights were on, and TV already on the channel they tend to watch the most. It would be like walking right into your own home. They feel comfortable and are left with a good impression.

I was at hospitality conference, HT-NEXT, in New Orleans. I can’t tell you how pleasant it was that once I digitally checked in, I was also texted by a real person whom throughout my stay, I could ask questions, request items and get a response immediately. In today’s world where phones are where we spend on average of 4 hours a day on our phones, it is easy to text back and forth to retrieve answers. Within a minute I had asked for a late checkout, and she replied letting me know yes, I could indeed checkout at noon instead.

In retrospect, guests want to be able to have full control when they are away from their homes. With World Cinema’s technology, that is exactly what we are enabling our partners to do. Give your guests the opportunity to log into their HBOGO, Netflix, HULU accounts, or listen to music from Pandora or Spotify. Give them the opportunity to book spa appointments or golf from the ease of the beds. Create an home atmosphere for each every one.