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Product spotlight: EVOLVE from DISH

Guest habits have shifted significantly over the past year with guests now expecting greater control and personalization over their stay. More people are also turning to content than ever before, increasing the need for hoteliers to invest in technology that can meet ever-changing guest expectations.  

Enter EVOLVE®– a set-back box designed specifically with hospitality in mind. EVOLVE is an Android TV-powered streaming system that consolidates streaming apps, live TV and Chromecast technology in a single device.  

“As one of the largest authorized DISH dealers in the nation, WCI is proud to offer EVOLVE as part of our many entertainment solutions for hotel partners,” said Nick Jones, chief operating officer and executive vice president of WCI. “WCI customers can utilize EVOLVE to create an easy-to-use, guest-focused experience.”  

See how EVOLVE can benefit WCI customers and enhance the in-room guest experience.  

Benefits for hotels  

EVOLVE’s sleek design ensures hoteliers can bring endless entertainment options to their guests without the need for bulky equipment. EVOLVE sits behind a hotel room’s TV and seamlessly fits with any hotel’s design. Additionally, EVOLVE works with any hotel’s wiring scenario, as well as existing or upgraded infrastructures.   

“Today’s guest is used to a TV experience at home that combines their favorite streaming apps with linear, high-definition programming,” said Amir Ahmed, senior vice president of sales for DISH Business . “With EVOLVE and SMARTBOX, all hotel operators can now deliver the intuitive and streamlined entertainment that guests have come to expect at home, while reducing costs, increasing performance and saving space across their properties.”  

EVOLVE also integrates with a hotel’s property management system. This allows hotels to provide personalized messages to guest room TVs and also maintains guest privacy by clearing all guest credentials and passwords at checkout. EVOLVE’s user interface is also customizable so hotels can promote their own branding, welcome channels and pre-loaded apps. 

“The level of customization EVOLVE offers creates significant benefits for WCI customers,” said Jones. “It creates new opportunities for personalization, engagement and increased customer loyalty to provide a guest experience like never before.”  

Benefits for guests  

Designed around modern viewing habits, EVOLVE combines access to live TV programming      and streamed content for the ultimate entertainment experience. As guests now expect a higher level of personalization during their stay, EVOLVE gives guests the ability to enjoy their own movies, music and apps. EVOLVE also offers built-in Chromecast technology to let guests stream their favorite content from their phone, tablet, or laptop onto the guest room TV without having to enter their credentials using the TV remote.   

EVOLVE comes with a highly intuitive program guide that helps guests spend less time browsing and more time watching. Guests can use genre-based filters to sort live TV by sports, news, shows, movies, family and local channels. A picture-in-picture preview gives guests a live preview of what’s on. Program highlights give even more insights by providing synopses, ratings, season and episode numbers, and more.  

“Integrating the ability for guests to watch their own content through EVOLVE is a win-win for hotel operators and guests alike,” said Jones. “WCI customers can further elevate in-room entertainment by providing guests with a personalized entertainment experience, and guests easily pick up what they’ve been watching at home from the comfort of their hotel room.”  

Guests can watch their favorite content in 4k to ensure a premium viewing experience through EVOLVE. They can also watch TV with Bluetooth headsets to eliminate disruptions, especially with multiple guests staying in one room.  

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