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World Cinema Proves Customer Service is an Art Form

At World Cinema, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide superior customer service. Founded the year before Microsoft, nine years before the Internet, and over 20 years before satellite TV, WCI has deep roots in serving as a property’s trusted source for cutting-edge technology solutions.  

We have built long-standing relationships with customers and are proud to have maintained these relationships for the past 47 years. Our unwavering commitment to customer service and our recent updates prove that service is an art form – and we have mastered it.  

The right level of customer service 

WCI’s commitment to customer service starts with correctly identifying the level of service for each issue. All service calls go directly to the first response team. The first response team is responsible for assessing the customer’s unique need and determining how to best resolve the issue. Each representative walks each customer through the process of addressing and resolving their issue. We answer every call within 60 seconds.  

Also, WCI uses a tiered support system to determine the complexity of each service request. 

  • Tier 1 support includes basic needs like new remotes or TVs.
  • Tier 2 focuses on troubleshooting customer requests such as rebooting systems.
  • Tier 3 involves coordinating on-site support to urgently resolve the issue.

WCI has reliable technicians available within a 60-minute relation to every customer to minimize potential downtime.  

Dedicated customer care  

The Customer Care Center (CCC) is based in Houston, Texas, and is dedicated to remote technical support and troubleshooting solutions. WCI’s customer care specialists are available 24/7/365 to help resolve customer service requests. Furthermore, the CCC provides expedited support with submitting equipment orders, processing configuration requests, and dispatching field technicians. The team also remotely monitors WCI equipment.

Additionally, the CCC recently doubled its size to ensure WCI continues to provide superior customer service in a timely manner. In addition to taking customer calls, the CCC has also implemented an email service. This service connects customers with a dedicated customer care specialist within the hour. Finally, each customer is given a ticket number for their reference and gives customers the ability to track the status of their service request.  

Support every step of the way  

WCI offers technology engineers, system designers, and project managers who are dedicated to your property from development to ongoing support. Whether it’s an existing property or a new-build, property owners can expect hands-on project management throughout installation and a centralized point of contact for all your technology needs. WCI’s dedicated team of professionals ensures no corners are cut and each customer is satisfied with the result.  

After installation, each customer is assigned a dedicated client success manager. WCI’s client success managers understand the daily struggles of property owners and are there to assist customers in those everyday needs. The team helps customers receive value quickly by managing product implementation and onboarding. They also work with customers to establish clear goals they’d like to achieve with WCI’s products and services to ensure WCI serves as their trusted technology partner.