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4 Benefits of Partnering with a VoIP Provider in the Hospitality Industry

Telephone systems and services have been around for almost a century, making vast improvements over the past 10-20 years. Moving away from dated analog phone services and upgrading to voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is a must. Additionally, this change can save your hotel property ample amounts of time and money. Your greatest goal is to provide a comfortable, seamless experience for your guests. World Cinema’s ImpruviX platform offers VoIP services and telephone system hardware refreshes to help upgrade properties on a friendly budget.

Understanding the operational needs of a hotel

Communication is essential in the hospitality industry, and expert interactions lead to superior guest satisfaction scores. Likewise, World Cinema is experienced in communications, leading the hotel management service space for 47 years. ImpruviX includes all the necessary technologies for hotel management, including the seamless blend of internet, Wi-Fi, TV, and phone services. Our experienced project management team guides leadership through the process, providing service from installation to ongoing support. Our experience establishes World Cinema as the trusted source for a cohesive technology experience.

Providing sustainable communication solutions

Analog services and solutions are old and outdated. Furthermore, VoIP not only provides more features and functionality than traditional phone services, but it is also more sustainable. VoIP doesn’t need its own fiber, as it simply rides on the fiber of the current internet circuit, saving time and money on additional hardware, in addition to lowering power consumption.

Improving customer service

ImpruviX VoIP programs provide a complimentary virtual attendant (IVR), capable of effortlessly routing calls to an unlimited amount of extensions.  All voicemails, faxes, and texts are routed directly to the general manager via email, enabling superior customer service. VoIP does not limit the number of staff or phone lines, giving hotel management the ability to add or remove lines at any time without the need for additional wiring.

Future-proofing your hotel

VoIP is the future. This software-based solution upgrades constantly and instantaneously to ensure an updated performance system. VoIP integration also cuts operational expenses by troubleshooting remotely, tapping into the system, and limiting the cost of technician time spent on-site. With such a broad wealth of services, ImpruviX VOIP Powered by Sparkplug grows with your staff and guest demand, accommodating your changing needs to advance your business technology for the long haul. Check out our industry-leading hotel GRE systems.