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3 Technologies to Prepare for New Residents

School is starting up again. Is your property ready? Student housing faces unique challenges this year as students have an increased demand for technology advancements. World Cinema Inc. provides tools to improve your student housing property’s internet system. By improving your connectivity bandwidth, you can improve your residents’ student housing experience.

This year, student housing internet needs to adapt to blended learning. Rhea Kelly, the Executive Editor for Campus Technology, writes about the effects of the pandemic on students. Her podcast, Campus Technology Insider, focuses on the technological difficulties students are facing this year. Here are just a few highlights from her reports:

Hybrid Learning – What This Means for Student Housing Internet Systems

Over half of college students surveyed by the National Association of College Stores said they used digital course materials more last year than ever before. Nearly three-quarters of students (73 percent) say they’d prefer to take at least some of their classes online this semester. Make sure your network is ready to accommodate these changes, as it looks like online learning is here to stay (at least for a while). Your student internet network must work with this new style.

School and Online Shopping 

Kelly reports that 81 percent of college student survey respondents reported they took at least one online class last semester (up from 35 percent pre-pandemic). She also comments that while campus bookstores are the preferred vendor for course materials, most students shop online instead of going into the physical store. This means that while syllabus day might be easy on students, it’s going to be harder than ever on your network. 

More Computers and Devices 

More than half of the college students studied by OnCampus said they bought a laptop or desktop this year alone. That means 50% more laptops connecting to your network. This number does not include the iPads and other cloud-based products they’ll bring back to campus this fall. 

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