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3 Ways WCI Proves Service is an Art Form

If you follow our social media, you’ll recognize our recent campaign: Service is an Art Form.

So what exactly does this mean?

After 46 years in the hotel industry, we recognize the importance of customer service. The key to guest retention is customer care. For example, at World Cinema, we created an around-the-clock support system to empower our customers called Customer Care Center. We believe the key to success is in customer satisfaction. To ensure a seamless technology experience, we proactively monitor and maintain our products and services. This extra level of care is what sets apart World Cinema as a dependable brand with reliable service. In conclusion,

Cohesive Communication 

Firstly, the key to a seamless service is cohesive communication. The key to superior service involves just being there when you’re needed, whenever your customer may need you. This year, we doubled our Customer Care Center staff, establishing 24/7/365 care at your fingertips. With our tiered customer support program and proactive system monitoring- help is less than a phone call away.  

Process Fluidity 

Secondly, process fluidity is essential to ensuring customer success. At World Cinema Inc., we reduce the time spent on the phone by transferring you up the ladder of communication based on your unique needs. We use a tiered approach, meaning your call is divided into different service sections depending on your specific concern. Furthermore, this system allows our care representatives to specialize in a particular product or service, meaning you receive the first-in-class service every time you call.  

Problem Prediction 

Finally, we believe in problem prediction and prevention. Proactive monitoring is the key to solving problems before they even arise. Instead of waiting for a guest or resident to complain about an issue, we monitor every television to avoid interruption. With remote monitoring, we’re able to stay on top of our customer’s products and predict their needs. Our Customer Care Center alerts management before the problem even becomes a problem.