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Resident Satisfaction and Senior Living Technology

As the Baby Boomer generation ages, senior living facilities must improve their technology systems to accommodate changing resident needs. The most technologically savvy group of seniors, Baby Boomers are likely to adopt technology that advances their lifestyle and improves their level of care. Accessibility, connectivity, and communication are all modern-day conveniences seniors expect today.

Comfortable Accessibility

One of the greatest innovations is the IoT, the connected home. With customizable technology solutions such as smart lighting, window treatments, and lock/access controls, seniors can relax and change their environment with ease. Empower seniors with remote door locks, eliminating any unnecessary movement but giving them privacy and comfortability in their own space. World Cinema’s ImpruviX NetworX brings peace of mind to seniors and their families through simple solutions that keep their loved ones’ (and their data) safe and secure. Residents can also connect to their space through Amazon Alexa using their voice to request changes to their room. Systems like voice-controlled searching enhance senior technology experiences.

Community Involvement

Recent studies indicate the importance of community involvement on senior living happiness and mental health. With WorldVue, you can alert guests when an event is approaching, and let them know the details through their screen. Digitize resident information through your own in-house channel and inform residents when they have appointments or upcoming visits. Keep residents in the loop by displaying your location amenities through text, photos, and looping videos played on each in-room television screen. WorldVue also provides a live stream option to keep your residents connected from inside their rooms. This feature enables mobility-impaired guests to interact and engage with their environment, boosting levels of happiness and comfortability. Communication is increasingly important and staying connected with your residents ensures they are comfortable, safe, and empowered to age gracefully in your facility.

Enhanced Communication

Finally, the World Cinema Wi-Fi platform ensures senior living residents are constantly connected with friends and family. Reduce feelings of isolation by simplifying their internet and cellular service, empowering residents to use their devices for video conferencing, social media networking, and long-distance phone calls. With OpticalHome, seniors can move in and plug in, without hassling with local internet providers. Additionally, erase the stigma associated with Wi-Fi connectivity by creating a seamless InstaOn™ experience. This system allows residents to move in, plug in, and start streaming their favorite shows, connecting devices with ease.