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The Importance of Student Housing Connectivity

Inconsistent student housing connectivity is the biggest issue impacting today’s student communities. Having spotty Wi-Fi connections is difficult to deal with if wireless access is your only means of getting online. Robust internet connectivity is no longer an added amenity for apartment communities, it is an essential part of the renter experience. The student housing market is experiencing unprecedented levels of demand in addition to higher occupancy rates and therefore, rent growth. Because students are paying more for their living arrangements, they expect fast, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity. 

The Importance of Apartment Technology

It is now more important than ever for student housing owners and operators to set their properties apart with an improved connectivity infrastructure. Surveys show that 62% of young renters believe apartment technology is an important part of their rental experience. To support the continuing demand for connectivity, property owners need to invest in a strong connectivity infrastructure. World Cinema is a trusted provider that will take care of growing needs.

This is where World Cinema comes in. Our company is built on co-operation, meaning we work with whatever provider is best equipped to handle each property’s unique connectivity needs. Our program is future-proof, built on sustainable, buildable technology to keep residents happy as their connectivity needs continue to expand and develop.  

Changing Trends – Today’s Students

The pandemic drastically changed the student experience. Today’s students are digital natives who grew up with an increased reliance on technology. Before the pandemic, students were comfortable leaving their apartments to connect on campus, utilizing common areas like libraries and study centers. The pandemic, however, drastically changed this mindset as reliable home Wi-Fi became essential.  

The Growing Reliance on Robust Internet Connectivity

Today’s students expect reliable, robust internet connectivity in their apartments, utilizing the property’s internet for school-related activities like homework and collaboration, and connecting their internet-connected devices like televisions and tablets. The ability to connect and stay connected throughout the property is crucial to a student’s living and learning environment. Today’s students are experts at multi-tasking, scrolling through their phones while streaming a movie, and communicating virtually across social media. ImpruviX Connectivity ensures residents are supported for both work and play in the comfort of their apartment homes.  

Constant Connectivity is Key

Constant connectivity is a must-have. Gen Z is dubbed, “Generation Study” due to their emphasis on academics as a priority. Reliable connectivity is a must-have for attracting and retaining student residents as internet connectivity allows students to complete their schoolwork and collaborate with peers online. It’s also critical in the implementation and consistent operation of technology throughout the property. The quickest way to receive negative feedback from residents is to neglect the importance of dependable connectivity. 

Remote Learning and Communications

Throughout the past few years, students have proved they can work efficiently on their own, away from campus. Students may still need to attend hands-on classes like labs and workshops, but for the most part, they can do their assignments and take tests online. To stream lectures and perform their class requirements, students need reliable Wi-Fi access. In addition to performing their school duties, students enjoy relaxing in their own space and watching their favorite shows and movies. Streaming services like Netflix and YouTube require low latency and high levels of bandwidth coverage. Students expect to have the capability to stream their favorite content and engage with one another through social media. ImpruviX Connectivity provides the constant connectivity students need today.  

When young adults are deciding where to live, they’ll read the reviews left by previous tenants. Ensure your current tenants have reliable connectivity so they will encourage new residents to lease in your student living complex. Wi-Fi is not an amenity for students, it is an absolute must when they are determining where they’re going to live. Improve your student housing’s connectivity platform with ImpruviX Connectivity

Smart Home Appliances

Today’s “nice to haves” include smart apartment technology like thermostats and intelligent HVAC systems. Student housing residents are always looking for simple solutions to save money. Smart home appliances are a cost-effective way for residents (and apartment management) to save on operating costs. Smart thermostats reduce energy consumption by providing “eco-friendly” options to control the temperature while the resident is away.

Furthermore, today’s smart thermostats can adapt to a user’s typical schedule through artificial learning, motion detectors, and pattern recognition. Smart thermostats are a fantastic addition to all student housing technology offerings. Apartment management can also benefit from smart apartment technology in common areas like study halls and gyms. With solutions like Common Area Cameras by ImpruviX and density sensors, management can save significantly by automatically adjusting the temperature when common areas are unoccupied. 

Overall, adding more “nice to have” features to student living properties is a smart investment for those uncertain if it is worth ROI. Students are the future and providing them with the best technology will make your student housing stand out to the online generation. 

Predictions and Future Expectations

We expect to see significant growth in connectivity demands in the near future. Younger generations, especially, are going to rely more on connectivity as they learn, work and connect with one another both online and through immersive platforms like the Metaverse, etc. It is essential for today’s properties to have an updated wireless connectivity infrastructure as it will help properties adapt quickly to future changes and new resident needs.  

Since internet connectivity is so significant, the ability to get connected fast and hassle-free is vital for both students and staff. ImpruviX by World Cinema offers a program that ensures residents are immediately connected upon move-in, easing the stress of college move-in day. 

Having an updated wireless connectivity infrastructure also helps properties quickly adapt to future changes and new resident needs. With the right infrastructure and technology partner in place, properties can stay ahead of the technology curve by consistently implementing new solutions as the need arises – keeping current residents happy and attracting future students.