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Advanced TV Technology Improves the Guest Experience

Today’s technologies must adapt to accommodate the recent changes in customer demands. Hotel guests want immediate service, constant communication and seamless experiences. Updated TV technology is essential to improve the guest experience. World Cinema supports hotel management with the WorldVue portal.

The WorldVue portal manages the in-room entertainment system at each property. Hotel managers can see the state of every room in the hotel from the front desk. Furthermore, management can reboot and edit STBs, identify potential problems, and get real-time and historical statistics on each TV.

Proactive Monitoring Through WorldVue

Proactive monitoring is an important component of advanced TV technology to improve the guest experience. WorldVue alerts management when a set-top box is down, indicating the room number and location of the inoperable device. Proactive monitoring allows management to identify and resolve issues such as channel outages before the guest is affected.

Additionally, WorldVue integrates into the hotel’s PMS so managers can ensure guests are not assigned to the room with the affected in-room entertainment television. The WorldVue customer portal improves guest satisfaction and resolves all potential problems before the guest arrives.

Remote Solutions Improve Guest Experiences

WorldVue also enables property managers to remotely reboot individual STBs. This time-saving capability is useful for maintenance teams and is especially helpful for hotels that are fully occupied, reducing interference with the guest experience.

The WorldVue customer portal also provides transparency to hotel management as the portal indicates exactly which television sets are currently in operation, in addition to indicating which are down and which are simply turned off. This feature enables hotels to reboot/reset individual set-top boxes without interrupting guests currently using the television.

Usage Statistics and Personalization

Finally, the WorldVue customer portal provides real-time and historical usage statistics to improve personalization and cater to guest expectations. This feature of the WorldVue customer portal allows the property to review linear television channels and internet app usage to determine where guests spend their time when viewing content.

  • App Usage – Hours

Featuring information regarding OTT apps on the system, color-coded and labeled, representing the total time in the previous week and the percentage of time guests used each app compared to total app usage.  

  • Top 10 channels – Hours

This graph shows the top ten channels viewed by guests over the previous week, displaying total hours and percentage of total channel viewing time.

  • Total usage – Hours

This graph shows the percentage of time spent on apps in the previous week versus watching linear channels.

The WorldVue customer portal helps hotel managers better cater their in-room entertainment solutions according to guest needs. As the largest authorized DISH dealer, WCI offers properties top-notch programming with a variety of channel packages and options. The World Cinema free-to-guest solution includes channel management capabilities, allowing each property to define channel lineups based on location and functionality.