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WCI Technologies Partners with DISH to Market 5G for Enterprises

WCI Technologies announces a partnership with DISH Wireless to market 5G services to enterprises.

This collaboration expands upon a longstanding business relationship between WCI and DISH.

WCI has worked with DISH for over 25 years, providing sales and marketing expertise focusing on the hospitality industry. WCI is the largest commercial authorized DISH dealer, having connected over 610,000 hotel rooms with DISH TV nationwide. We are excited to advance our legacy partnership to include private wireless solutions.

WCI Technologies will market DISH 5G services to enterprises across North America.

“We are committed to providing an open-source platform for management, communication,
collaboration and automation of private wireless networks and edge computing applications. By partnering with DISH Wireless, we can improve reach and performance in different types of environments across industries.”

– Robert Grosz, EVP and Chief Commercial Officer, WCI

This partnership advances the WCI Technologies portfolio of edge computing, adaptive networking, collaboration, connected security and now, private enterprise 5G. WCI Technologies provides end-to-end technology solutions, including managed network services, global connectivity, cloud, voice, colocation, unified communications, and satellite solutions. 

“We’re building a smart 5G network that will disrupt the industry with advanced capabilities
including customization, automation, security and agility. Expanding our longstanding partnership with WCI into wireless will propel our growth in serving the enterprise market, and we are confident that they have the expertise and contacts to connect our innovative solutions to many key industries.”

– Stephen Bye, Chief Commercial Officer, DISH Wireless

WCI will sell, market, and deliver systems integration services to enterprise customers while DISH provides access to its deep portfolio of licensed spectrum, RF design capabilities and 5G deployment expertise. The venture will target enterprise customers across oil and gas, health care, mining, and other industries.

The combined offering with WCI will initially focus on private wireless solutions supported by
DISH’s portfolio of licensed spectrum. Customers with mission-critical business functions
requiring wireless connectivity will be able to maintain complete control over the management of
their networks without the risk of uncertain performance that is inherent in shared spectrum
options. Once DISH launches its 5G network, the partnership with WCI will expand to include
support for handsets and data devices that require nationwide coverage.

The full press release can be downloaded here or accessed online.