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Improving Employee Retention in Senior Living with Technology

Senior living facilities around the nation are asking: How can we recruit and retain talent? The answer: Technology.

Technology solutions aid senior living staff.

Today, WCI supports senior living staff with smart technology solutions like remote surveillance monitoring, alert systems, and advanced sensor leak detectors. When staff isn’t held back by mundane duties, they can invest their full attention to satisfy residents’ needs and provide care. Likewise, it is increasingly important for senior living facilities to provide the right amount of technology to retain and attract talented providers. Technology will always be meaningful, but it is especially important today as we face a hiring deficit. Competitively speaking, it is essential to provide new technology to attract new staff members.


Resident safety is the most important part of senior living communities. Unfortunately, the hiring deficit means nurses and senior living support staff must divide their time. ImpruviX Surveillance acts as a second pair of eyes, monitoring actions and sending alerts if residents are behaving erratically or crossing pre-determined boundaries.

In common areas, ImpruviX Surveillance counts the number of visitors/residents. Additionally, ImpruviX Surveillance can monitor healthy temperatures and notify staff if a resident or guest is running a high fever. Furthermore, senior living facilities can use historical statistics to adapt their heating/cooling systems for additional people in common areas throughout the day.

Leak Detectors

Additionally, ImpruviX employs leak detectors to determine if there is any unhealthy fluctuation in air quality. Likewise, these sensors can alert staff if there is a rise in natural gas or other poisonous gas leaks within a resident’s area.

Also, the program can also notify staff if there is a window open past a certain time of day/night to further protect residents from outside allergens or particularly cold winter nights. Empower senior living staff and increase resident safety with ImpruviX solutions. ImpruviX is the ultimate staff support system for senior living facilities.

Community Messaging

WCI partners with Four Winds Interactive to provide digital messaging in common areas. Ultimately, investing in digital communication solutions means staff isn’t held back by antiquated systems like physical menu distribution and time-sensitive messaging. Empower senior living staff by giving them the capabilities to save time. Also, digital signage can better inform residents of community-wide engagements or timely updates.

Furthermore, our system is user-friendly, allowing the property to completely control the messaging they send out to residents. This easy-to-use digital signage solution empowers care providers to communicate quickly and easily so they can spend their time performing more meaningful activities like relationship building.

Finally, the guest’s health and experience are the most important aspects of the staff’s responsibilities. Support them with ImpruviX solutions.

Senior living staff is empowered by technology solutions like ImpruviX

ImpruviX supports senior living staff with a variety of technology innovations:

  • Surveillance cameras
  • Alert Systems
  • Environmental Monitoring Systems
  • POE Lighting
  • Sensors
  • Window Treatment Controls
  • Smart Flooring
  • Leak Detectors
  • Lock/Access Controls
  • Wireless and Cellular backup

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