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The Rise of the Staycation: Short-Term Trips with Long-Term Memories

In 2022, we are embracing the Staycation.

WCI defines staycation as a trip that is close to home, with minimized expenses and a maximized experience.

Today, travelers are looking for an adventure closer to home. Boutique hotels are the perfect location for those looking to relax and unwind for a few nights. Because they’re saving money on travel expenses, staycationers are willing to indulge in other services like an exceptional spa experience and dining at on-site restaurants. Provide this unique set of travelers with a memorable trip so unexpected, that they’ll forget they’re only miles away from home.

The King Suite in Le Méridien Columbus, The Joseph encourages guests to kick back and enjoy the view.

In-Room Entertainment

The typical staycationer is a family or couple looking to escape the mundane. In search of something different, they seek out locations that provide extra amenities like spas, in-city adventures, and full-spectrum entertainment opportunities. Provide this group with the chance to binge-watch the series they’ve been wanting to see in a space that isn’t filled with looming responsibilities.

The highlight of a staycation is the home-away-from-home experience. Relaxing in a bed you didn’t make. Eating food you didn’t have to prepare. Enjoying yourself in a space that is both comfortable and new. Provide staycationers a relaxing stay with streaming services like Netflix and Showtime (the latter is free to guests of WorldVue customers).

Spa-like bathrooms encourage guests to relax and enjoy their Staycation.

Luxury Amenities

The best part of a staycation is the thrill of experiencing something new. Pamper guests with smart-room technology solutions through ImpruviX. Some of the most sought-after innovations include heated bathroom floors and time-sensitive window treatments that wake guests up in a comfortable, natural way. ImpruviX NetworX provides connectivity to the property so your guests can take full advantage of all your amenities including Wi-Fi throughout the complex. Also, seamless connectivity means all of your guests’ devices are fully supported at all times. Connectivity is an amenity every guest is looking for, regardless of the length of stay.

Exceptional Experiences

Finally, staycations are the perfect time for visitors to step out of their comfort zone. Ensure your guests can access and research all your property has to offer with WorldVue. Additionally, our system is fully customizable to meet and exceed your brand’s expectations and your guests’ desires. Create and maintain the very best stay for your guests – and keep them coming back time and time again. Furthermore, with WorldVue, hotels can customize their hotel menu screen to present all they have available to their guests. Show off your spa, restaurants, gym hours, map, amenities, and more – right from your guest’s TV screen.

Staycations allow guests to fully immerse themselves in their own city.