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WorldVue Invites Hotels to Create Unique Technology Solutions

It is important that hotels adapt their technology portfolio to accommodate guests’ changing needs. While it is crucial to differentiate between properties, there are budget restrictions for chain hotels and locally-owned/managed motels and lodges. WorldVue by World Cinema provides creative solutions at a budget-friendly price. Through our alliance partnership with Four Winds Interactive, we upgrade properties to boutique-level displays. Read on to hear about some creative solutions hotels have created through technology to enhance the guest experience.

Examples of creative solutions include rotating digital art to please guests.

Instagram-Worthy Backgrounds

This year, we’re revamping the hospitality industry. With unique ideas and design components, any hotel can offer its guests just a little more than what they expect. For instance, at the W Punta de Mita hotel in Mexico, Vallin there is a designated “Instagram concierge” who advises guests on the best places to take a memorable photo. The concierge knows the best backgrounds and lighting for that Instagram-ready pose. This creative solution encourages guests to stand in a particular area that highlights the hotel’s best features. Budget-friendly hotels can utilize this concept through displays that encourage guests to pose and capture the moment.

Aesthetically pleasing displays entice guests to post pictures of them on the property. Furthermore, hotels can provide a hashtag or a free giveaway for guests that mention the property on their social channels. These are just a few creative solutions to enhance the guest experience and advance marketing efforts.

Sustainability Advancement

In Aruba, the Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort provides guests the option to increase their sustainability efforts with carbon emission offsets. Likewise, many hotels advertise they are only changing sheets, replacing towels, etc. if the guest requests cleaning services. With ImpruviX, hotels can save on energy bills by automating smart home features. Our platform gives the front desk control to turn off the lights when a room is unoccupied or set the room temperature to an eco-friendly option. ImprvuiX NetworX enables hotels to start using sustainability-friendly solutions for eco-conscious guests. Furthermore, hotels can utilize the WorldVue platform to feature information about sustainability efforts and initiatives.

Aesthetically pleasing art galleries are available to hotels through World Cinema and our allied partner, Four Winds Interactive

Curated Concepts

Finally, the Hyatt Regency Portland is offering a “concierge of the weird,” a specialized employee who showcases local, quirky restaurants and adventures for fun-seeking guests. At World Cinema, we empower hotels to provide similar information with the 24/7 convenience of an on-screen concierge. Hotel management can provide interactive graphics with digital signage in the lobby or add curated recommendations directly through the guests’ television set. Our WorldVue platform is created and managed in-house, so the hotel management team has the creative freedom to offer guests whatever experience they choose. Creative solutions are the way of the future, and World Cinema is here to help hotels across the country to take the plunge.