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Wifi6E and the Importance of Broadband Connection

With the latest version of wireless internet, Wifi6, coming out in 2019, you may be surprised at the anticipated release of Wifi6E expected by the end of the year. However, Wifi6E is not a new version of wireless internet.

It’s a term that refers to the FCC opening up a new band of spectrum to accommodate next-gen devices that will be designed to tap into it. Only devices equipped with the radios and chips necessary will be able to access it, and they will be able to transfer massive amounts of data back and forth (at a close range). 

The very first Wifi 6E capable devices are set to hit the market in December, with a more expansive roll-out happening all throughout 2021. To enjoy the benefits of this advanced wireless connectivity, you’ll need a Wifi 6E compatible router. That means that Wi-Fi 6E networks won’t have any older-generation devices acting as weak links in the chain. If you already invested in a Wifi6 router last year, don’t worry. Wifi6 is already a top of the line product and will remain a good router option for a while after. It might even be advantageous to wait to invest in a Wifi6E router until they have improved the first line of products.

Whether it’s when roll-outs begin or when it becomes more refined, it’s extremally important to invest in this new band of spectrum. The expanded internet infrastructure will benefit multi-family communities immensely. Paving the way for properties to level up in the technological revolution.

With so many Americans still working from home or going to school with a hybrid-format, frictionless connectivity is significant. It’s a huge advantage to boast the latest in wireless capability. World Cinema wants to help your property utilize Wifi 6 and 6E to boost your brand and grow your customer base. With our newest product, Impruvix Connectivity, we will work with you to navigate the world of seamless internet connection.