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Technology Solutions for Business Travelers

As business travel begins to pick back up, hotels need to ensure their technology solutions are up-to-date. According to a new survey conducted by Morning Consult, sentiment around business travel is shifting. Nearly 80 percent of business travelers and 64 percent of employed Americans agree that it is increasingly important to bring back business travel. Business travelers expect to arrive at the hotel and head straight to their rooms, without any unnecessary engagement or safety risks. This unique industry segment needs advanced technology solutions to accommodate its advanced set of needs.

Virtual, cross-country calls and interactive meetings will create an increased strain on the property’s Wi-Fi network. Additionally, the hotel process needs to be more convenient than ever before, with simplified check-ins and seamless check-outs.

As a component of the total guest experience every hotel and resort strives to create, Wi-Fi service should operate reliably regardless of density, activity, or the physical environment. Hospitality network operators need the equipment to create systems that both perform under normal conditions and support special events, so guest services personnel can have confidence that their connectivity will rise to any occasion. 

Providing Reliable Wi-Fi

The key to accommodating business travelers is an advanced Wi-Fi network. Properties with conference space can expect exponential strains on their network, more than they experienced before the pandemic. With increasing changes like Meta-Meetings and around-the-world virtual calls, hotels need a system that provides high bandwidth and low latency. Exceptional connection is no longer a luxury for business travelers, it is an absolute necessity.

Simplify the Check-In/Check-Out Process

Regardless of conference space/size, all hotels need to provide a seamless check-in/check-out procedure for business travelers. Travelers are on high alert for ways to limit unnecessary interaction and involvement in high-density areas like the lobby. Guests demand an optional mobile check-in procedure. With a mobile key, guests can validate their identity quickly, and receive timely updates on the status of their rooms. The mobile key additionally limits the chance of germs spreading through traditional key cards. This option benefits all guests, especially business travelers.

Understanding Unique Needs

This segment has a very unique set of needs that have developed over the last few years. Business travelers are spending less time in the common areas and more time in their individual rooms, preferring to work from their desks instead of in the lobby. Ensure their needs are met with ImpruviX connectivity solutions. Our circuit to the property provides increased bandwidth with your existing system. With ImpruviX, there are no limits. We offer fiber, copper, and mmWave Fixed Wireless solutions to accommodate any existing network structure. Contact us today to see if ImpruviX is right for your property.