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Top 3 Amenities That Boost Efficiency for Student Housing

Student housing needs have changed drastically in the last few years as the student lifestyle has moved online. Young adults are now meeting one another online before interacting face-to-face, connecting through popular dating apps or social media sites like Tik Tok and Instagram. Student housing needs to adapt to the changing demands of today’s students. We’re highlighting the top three student housing connectivity solutions residents demand today.

Mobile Devices – Improving Cellular Coverage

First and foremost, students expect reliable cellular coverage. They expect to roam about their apartment complex without dropping calls or missing connections. Student housing complexes were traditionally wrought with dead zones (places without cellular service). ImpruviX is a reliable student housing connectivity solution for complexes across North America. With ImpruviX, tenants can stay connected throughout the property, especially in high-danger zones like stairwells and parking garages.

ImpruviX delivers endless connectivity to student housing.

Fast communication is key for today’s young adults, and they’re not going to live in a complex where their main device, their cellphone, is not supported. The ImpruviX cellular boosting platform is carrier-agnostic, meaning students can reliably connect to their cell service, regardless of their independent carrier. Our alliance partnership with Nextivity means we can provide their pre-approved cellular boosting program to our customers. Cel-Fi by Nextivity is universal, and properties can rest assured that they won’t have issues with carriers or the FCC down the road. Cellular coverage is a key component of student housing connectivity needs.

Online Assignments and Classes – Better Bandwidth

Throughout the past few years, students have proved they can work efficiently on their own, away from campus. Students may still need to attend hands-on classes like labs and workshops, but for the most part, they can do their assignments and take tests online. To stream lectures and perform their class requirements, students need reliable Wi-Fi access. In addition to performing their school duties, students enjoy relaxing in their own space and watching their favorite shows and movies. Streaming services like Netflix and YouTube require low latency and high levels of bandwidth coverage. Students expect to have the capability to stream their favorite content and engage with one another through social media. ImpruviX Connectivity provides the constant connectivity students need today.

Students can stay connected to the property Wi-Fi regardless of where they are in the student housing complex.

When young adults are deciding where to live, they’ll read the reviews left by previous tenants. Ensure your current tenants have reliable connectivity so they will encourage new residents to lease in your student living complex. Wi-Fi is not an amenity for students, it is an absolute must when they are determining where they’re going to live. Improve your student housing’s connectivity platform with ImpruviX Connectivity.

Gaming Advancements – Increasing Internet Speeds

Videogames are gaining popularity, especially as new devices like VR and Augmented Reality infiltrate the everyday marketplace. No longer a deluxe product, virtual reality headsets are making their way into mainstream media, encouraging companies to target new audiences. Fitness companies, travel agencies and international corporations are developing new innovations for customers who might have otherwise overlooked videogame advancements. Student living complexes need to improve their internet service to accommodate all these new “gamers.”

Technological advancements require reliable connectivity. ImpruviX Connectivity brings scalable solutions to student housing.

Our ImpruviX system is designed to power your property through high-performance networks to offer students a more convenient and robust experience. Satisfying tenants is key, and bandwidth and technology needs are advancing every day. ImpruviX provides a simplified network with enhanced security and little to no downtime. The benefit is a simplified network set-up and management, enhanced security and upgradable for the future as well as increasing the number of devices supported by each access point. 

Our solution offers one point of contact for installation, service and support nationwide. We provide 24/7/365 service with our Houston-based call center. Visit us online at for more information on how you can advance your property today.