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Endless Connectivity: Introducing ImpruviX™

Today marks the release of World Cinema’s latest innovation: ImpruviX™. Our new wifi product provides endless connectivity for hotels, apartment living, student housing, senior living and multi-dwelling. 

As 5G and Wifi 6 rollouts continue around the country, ImpruviX™ can bridge the gap between your property and frictionless internet capabilities. Your customers will have harmonious, ubiquitous connectivity at their fingertips. Enter a new generation of Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi 6 is designed for indoor high density wireless and is pre-eminently well suited for telephony with its reliance on OFDMA to deliver consistent, low latency and not least predictable performance. 

Constant change is occurring around the hospitality and multifamily living industries. Technology is ever-improving, and consumer expectations continue to climb higher and higher. ImpruviX™ can simplify this fast-paced change for your business. Especially in light of global health phenomena, customers rely on efficient internet service wherever they eat, sleep, work, and play. 

Even with internet technology evolving every day, it still has the potential to bring challenges to everyday consumers. World Cinema is with you every step of the way, from purchase to installation and beyond. Should something go wrong before, during, or after installation, the ImpruviX™ experience is highly responsive and the resolution is seamless. 

Excellent customer service is something that WCI takes great pride in, and we seek constant improvement. We have lofty goals for the ImpruviX™ customer experience, involving the incorporation of AI and machine learning paired with personalized and pleasant service. World Cinema will resolve 80% of calls on the first call and have a tech on site within 24 hours.

We want to be the immediate, single-source solution to all of your data and connectivity concerns. Whereas our competitors rely on proprietary technology or third-party vendors, we standardize upon designing and delivering a flawless internet experience to you and your guests or customers. It’s what sets us apart and makes World Cinema the clear choice when it comes to data connectivity.

The social and economical demands of doing business in 2020 can be met by ImpruviX™ technology. Maximizing property value is essential, and World Cinema believes that reliable connectivity is vital to this goal. Our suite of solutions – ImpruviX Connectivity, ImpruviX NetworX™, and Optical Home™ – can all be aligned to fit exactly what your business needs in order to thrive.

Guests want to feel connected, but also safe in the privacy of their information. ImpruviX™ will bring peace of mind to your customers that their data and sensitive information is secure. Our solution brings full range secure connections and ultimate performance, ensuring that every device guests have on the property is fully connected. ImpruviX™ is also developed to grow along with your business, to encourage growth rather than deter it. 

The company’s B2B service will support property owners by way of multiple revenue models while B2C services will deliver security and convenience, WCI says. For example: Residents will be offered Wi-Fi access as soon as they move in and will never have to contact a technician to setup their network. Residential gateways – in the past only available as hardware – will be virtualized, WCI says. ImpruviX will support multiple other features such as simplified IoT onboarding and the company even plans to offer Wi-Fi offload via Google’s new Orion WiFi service.

With over 300 million guest encounters per year, we strive to always be your first choice when it comes to internet connectivity solutions. Contact us today to learn more about how ImpruviX™ can help your business increase property values and drive up profits.