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Hotel Tech Predictions for 2021 and Beyond

As a result of the pandemic, guests are now expecting a higher level of safety, convenience and comfort during their stays – making the need for high-quality, reliable hotel tech more important than ever.

Technology is a critical aspect in creating a superior guest experience. Investing in the right technology can allow you to seamlessly meet the rapidly changing expectations of your guests while setting your hotel up for future success.

Robert Grosz, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer at WCI, shares future insights on what hoteliers can expect in hotel tech and why they should invest below.

The future of the hotel tech industry

Hospitality has always been about people. We make people feel taken care of and special by providing shelter, safety, entertainment and unique experiences. A post-pandemic world will emphasize these core areas, and the hotels that thrive will have maintained and invested in them by leveraging technology.

The hotel experience will also be enhanced through use of guests’ personal devices. Applications and software that can integrate with physical embedded technologies like door locks, climate controls, lighting systems, televisions, kiosks and signage are now just as important as a hotel’s location.

These elements give guests the ability to add a level of personalization and customization to their stay that they have come to expect. Just as these smart technologies are common in our homes, guests will now look for these same customizations when choosing a hotel.

The role of TV programming and over-the-top solutions

Information and entertainment must be delivered to the guest on their schedule in a flawless, convenient and intuitive way. Gone are the days of offering 100 channels with nothing desirable to consume. It’s much more important to deliver a lineup of the most popular content and give guests access to casting and popular streaming apps.

In-room entertainment systems should integrate with guests’ personal devices to provide a touchless and familiar interface; complexity beyond this formula has diminishing returns. Fortunately, implementing this type of standardized experience is cost-effective and will benefit hoteliers for years to come.

Why NOW is the time to invest in hotel tech

From the guest standpoint, experiences are what is most important – including digital in-room experiences. Guests expect safety, privacy and comfort, which requires a thoughtful and well-executed technology strategy.

Consumer technologies that have been haphazardly deployed will have significant security and privacy flaws, which could lead to a lack of trust among guests and impact customer loyalty. Smart hoteliers will make sure to choose a trusted technology partner who will not cut corners, offer inferior products, or employ under-qualified employees or contractors. Technology is critical in delivering the best guest experience and investing in the right partner is paramount to the long-term success of any hotel.

Investing in hotel tech allows hoteliers to provide the unique experiences guests crave when choosing a place to stay. Through online concierge services, smart room controls, virtual check out and more, in-room technology is a simple way for hoteliers to cater to guest preferences while also setting their hotel up to seamlessly adapt to guests’ evolving needs.