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4 Ways Hotel Technology Can Create a Luxury Guest Experience

The way guests view luxury travel is changing. According to the Amex Trendex survey, today’s consumers said personalized experiences, cleanliness, and privacy are the most desirable luxury amenities.

Travelers are looking for greater control over their guest experience, and one way to offer that is through technology. Leveraging technology is a simple, future-proof way for any hotel to create a luxury guest experience.

Guest room messaging

Through guest room messaging, hotels can send personalized messages straight to a guest’s TV. This is a creative way for hotels to cater to guests. Hotels can offer digital communication or in-person services based on the guest’s preference.

Hotels can use this feature to welcome a guest to their property. This feature also allows hotels to target specific groups of guests, for example, wedding guests or conference members.

Health and wellness features

When choosing a hotel, many guests are looking for a relaxing experience and an opportunity to recharge. As the focus on health and wellness among consumers continues to rise, catering to these preferences can help create a luxury guest experience.

In-room channels are an easy way to market on-site wellness opportunities or even show on-demand in-room workouts for guests to follow along. Another increasingly popular feature is offering guided relaxation videos and soothing sounds for a better night’s sleep.

Smart room technology

One of the most important emerging trends is the adaptation of smart technology in guest rooms. The Internet of Things (IoT) allows guests to control and personalize every aspect of their stay with the touch of a button. By tracking guest preferences, hotels can cater to returning customers by setting their preferred temperature, lighting and even tune the TV to their favorite program all before they walk in the door. 

Smart room technology is not only a luxury feature for guests, but benefits hotel owners as well. When guest rooms aren’t in use, hotels can adjust the temperature and lighting to energy-efficient settings to promote an eco-friendly environment – something many guests are now considering when choosing a hotel.

In-room concierge services

Through guest room entertainment technology, hotels can offer in-room concierge services accessible through the guest’s TV. Guests have the ability to order room service, more towels from housekeeping, book spa appointments or even make dinner reservations right at their fingertips.  

Hotels can further personalize these services by offering updated flight information from nearby airports. Guests can enter their specific flight information to monitor their flight status and can even calculate when they should leave for their airport. Real-time weather data can also be accessed through guest room TVs to help guests plan accordingly during their stay.

Whether you’re a luxury property looking for new features or a limited-service hotel looking to be a step above the competition, these technology innovations are easy enhancements hoteliers can make to create a luxury guest room experience.

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