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Hotel Technology Updates from WCI

Investing in the right hotel technology boosts the guest experience, reduces costs, and keeps guests and staff safe. In the post-pandemic world, we’ve seen a shift from high touch points to contactless, privacy-driven experiences.

According to a recent customer engagement study from Hospitality Technology, 48% of guests said they like to use innovative and new hotel technology. Check out WCI’s newest products and features to keep your hotel ahead of the curve.

In-room entertainment

The WorldVue in-room entertainment system is a fully customizable platform that offers guests the most innovative hotel technology. The services include entertainment and communication outlets, helping hotels digitally transform their property and maximize revenue.

WorldVue features that can enhance a guest’s in-room experience include popular streaming apps, personalized flight data, and casting solutions.

Additionally, the aforementioned study state that 60% of guests expect smart TVs and content streaming in guest rooms. WCI makes casting easier than ever so guests can cast directly from their personal devices to their room television.

Stand-alone casting from WCI.

As the largest DISH commercial distributor, WCI also offers standard programming channels to fit your guests’ needs. We work with hotels to create a personalized package curated specifically for your property to ensure your guests have access to the content that’s important to them. 

Contactless technology

WCI’s Mobile Remote decreases touchpoints in the guest room and gives guests a greater level of control during their stay. With their personal device, guests can simply scan a QR code shown on the screen to gain instant control of their guest room TV. As an internet-based page, the Mobile Remote doesn’t require guests to download apps or use any of their personal storage to access.

Mobile Remote from WCI.

The WorldVue platform gives guests access to in-room concierge services including room service, ordering more towels, and booking appointments. They can also view their final balance and checkout directly from their guest room TV. This new hotel technology enables better communication and simplified checkout procedures.

Hotels can utilize the in-house channel to showcase property amenities, provide in-room workouts or provide an overview of your brand. The guest room messaging feature allows staff to send personalized messages to guest room TVs. This process allows staff to provide updates during the guest’s stay and share important information regarding a specific event.

Operational features

The WorldVue Portal is our backend system that helps properties manage their property in real-time and provide useful statistics to drive ROI. Through the portal, hotel staff can see the state of every room in the hotel, reboot, and edit set-top-boxes, identify problems within the system and get real-time data.

A new feature of the WorldVue Portal is the housekeeping app. Hotel staff can see whether a room is currently occupied and can enter a numeric value to indicate the staff responsible for housekeeping. It also shows the time elapsed since a room was last cleaned or occupied and a timestamp feature to see exactly when the room was cleaned.

Another new feature of the portal is the document download feature. Hotel staff can download instructions and other documents directly from their portal. This helps streamline hotel operations and eliminates the need to call a technician.

Connectivity solutions

Launched in October 2020, ImpruviX by WCI improves a property’s wireless connectivity by evaluating its current wireless platform, then independently recommending improvements using the latest technology, design tools, and product sets.

ImpruviX provides a quality connection to the property and then within it to serve guests and their devices. Additionally, the ImpruviX system supports multiple physical networking infrastructures, most enterprise Wi-Fi platforms, and PMS integrations.

ImpruviX builds, manages, and deploys cloud video surveillance as a certified partner of Eagle Eye Networks and cellular boosting to eliminate dead zones as a certified provider of Cel-Fi by Nextivity. We also provide alert systems, POE lighting, sensors, smart flooring, leak detectors, and more.