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How WCI Benefits Extended Stay Hotels

With the partnership between World Cinema, Inc. and InTown Suites recently being expanded to 196 properties. The benefits of WCI to extended stay hotels are clearer than ever.

The extended stay market has seen an amazing recovery from COVID-19, with only a 4% drop in occupancy of its economy segment hotels over the first 6 months of 2020 (The Highland Group). In times of economic downturn, extended stay hotels still maintain strong levels of occupancy due to displacement of workers. Specific to the pandemic, guests wanted to shelter-in-place for an extended period of time. As well as an increase with essential workers, not wanting to risk bringing home a virus.

In-room entertainment is very important for extended stay lodging. With guests staying several weeks or more, consistently excellent entertainment features are key to customer experience. 

StayAPT, a new extended stay hotel concept that is currently launching in the US, has partnered with WCI. Recognizing the importance of quality “home entertainment, away from home”. Their Advanced Entertainment package advertises 4K definition, live TV, on-demand programming, and streaming from personal devices. Ensuring that guests will want to extend their stay even longer. 

InTown Suites and Uptown Suites, America’s largest wholly owned economy extended stay brands, have been working with World Cinema for 10 years. This partnership has grown from 81 properties in 2010 to all 196 properties located in 22 states. World Cinema’s turn-key in-room digital entertainment solutions for InTown Suites properties include a 60 channel HD television line-up. Offering guests the ability to view the content they most want. 

“World Cinema’s in-room entertainment technology and services meets and exceeds our guests and staff expectations.  Working with World Cinema has been effortless over our ten-year relationship – both on the pricing and contract side, as well as with their knowledgeable and competent technicians.  In addition, we no longer face logistical challenges working with multiple vendors; which further helps improve overall guest experience,” said Ash Kapur, CEO and President of InTown Suites.

Because extended stay hotels often see guests stay weeks to months at the property, building trust in the competence of in-room technology providers and technicians is vital to growing a loyal customer base. World Cinema guarantees this as an industry leader for decades. With our technological expertise, your guests will never want to check out of their home away from home.