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ImpruviX Provides Ubiquitous Connectivity to Senior Living

As most Americans have returned to work and some social gatherings, one segment of the population is unfortunately still safest in isolation: senior citizens. Although it is difficult not being able to physically gather with their loved ones, one benefit of this era is the abundance of technology. World Cinema’s ImpruviX® product can bring ubiquitous connectivity to senior living facilities. Providing the property and their residents Wi-Fi at speeds that everyone can be excited about.

There is copious evidence that points to technology benefiting seniors. One of the consequences of living in a senior community is isolation, especially in these times. Isolation is shown to have tragic effects on seniors, including mental deterioration, depression, and even premature death. Technological services such as social media networks and video chat platforms have mitigated this disconnect from socializing.

The way of communication with those in senior living communities comes down to video calls majority of the time. And in order for communication to be great, there needs to be a heavy hand in high speed Wi-Fi.

Technology for senior living also includes purely practical health benefits. The future of healthcare is about to be transformed with the evolving Internet of Medical Things. Over 500,000 medical technologies are currently available, according to a Deloitte report. This number will only grow in coming years, providing new solutions to healthcare delivery, telehealth, and patient monitoring. 

The impacts of this revolution on senior living cannot be understated. Over half the baby boomer generation not yet classified as seniors. The numbers moving into senior care will grow exponentially in coming years. Senior living facilities have to be prepared for an influx in residents, as well as the demand for new technologies.

Endless Connectivity Offered to Senior Living Facilities

Our Impruvix ® product provides high quality and reliable connectivity to residents. With the most advanced Wifi capabilities, seniors will have no issues in keeping in touch with their loved ones or having access to the latest IoMT technologies. 

Although it can be difficult to introduce technology to a generation that hasn’t grown up with it, World Cinema is here to help in any way possible. Our adept technicians understand how to work with your property to handle any confusion or questions. 

The pandemic has abruptly pushed senior living facilities to invest more in technology. The future possibilities for adapting senior living tech are endless. According to a recent survey by Senior Housing News, 80% of respondents reported an increase in technology spending due to the health crisis. This is only the beginning, with 87% of respondents also forecasting an increase in the 2021 technology budget as well. 

This is the time to take leaps forward in the technology industry for your senior living community. Invest in our new Impruvix® product to reap the rewards of ubiquitous connectivity in senior living facilities. The opportunities are endless.

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