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Luxury Hotels – Investing in Experience and Privacy

There is a delicate line between exceptional customer service and intrusive interruptions. It is important to balance exceptional service with the privacy and peace many hoteliers are looking to escape to. Here’s how WorldVue by World Cinema helps luxury hotels balance experience and privacy.

The Housekeeping Portal by WorldVue

The Housekeeping Portal by WorldVue works with a property’s existing PMS to coordinate cleaning times and sanitation schedules that work with each guest’s unique profile. WCI acts within the American Hotel & Lodging Association’s Safe Stay guidelines, an industry-wide safety initiative focusing on enhanced cleaning procedures. The Safe Stay initiative features CDC-recommended cleaning products, social distancing protocols, and recommendations for the best sanitation practices. As an AHLA Allied Member, we are committed to going above and beyond protocol to ensure the safety of our clients’ guests.

Features of the housekeeping portal include:

  • PMS Checked In – Indicates whether the room is checked in or not
  • Room Label – Room display for the room number
  • Serial Number – Room STB serial number
  • Cleaned/Serviced/Sanitized – Indicates the current status of the room: cleaned, serviced, sanitized or not
  • Staff Code – Numeric value to indicate the staff member responsible for housekeeping
  • Updated – Timestamp for when the room was last cleaned/serviced/sanitized
  • House Kept Past – Time period elapsed since last housekeeping. Red color font indicates time greater than 24 hours
  • Vacant Time – Time since the room was last occupied
The WorldVue Housekeeping app provides real-time updates for hotel management and staff.

Contactless Communication

Luxury hotels house international guests in addition to domestic travelers. Because guests are on different sleeping schedules, it is essential that management avoids any and all phone calls or unexpected visits to each room. With contactless communication, management can send messages directly to guests through the TV system, reducing interruptions through seamless communication integration. The WorldVue in-house channel allows you to digitize hotel information and provide guests with important property or event updates directly through their TV. WorldVue ensures guests never miss a message, event, notification, or update while providing the desired levels of privacy.

Customized messaging allows hoteliers to connect with guests through their television screens.

Relax with Real-Time Weather, In-Room Concierge Services and Updated Flight Data

Instead of calling down to the front desk, guests can use their television to order room service, book spa appointments, make dinner reservations and ask for more towels, blankets, or additional services. With the WorldVue in-room concierge service, guests can utilize the most advanced room entertainment and hospitality technology available. Luxury hotels can provide the added amenity of relaxation with yoga, meditation, and sleep sounds played directly through the guest room television. This experience allows guests to relax in the comfort of their own rooms rather than booking a meditation session or yoga class in the property’s gym. To enhance luxury and privacy, hotels can also provide real-time weather reports and updated flight data on their in-house channel, so guests can always stay connected with their stay from the comfort of their bed.

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