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Provide the Right Experience For Your Hotel Guests

The travel industry is dominated by customer service and guest satisfaction. As a guest demands growth in the deliverance of amenities, technologies and enhancements, so does the complexity of delivering an experience they’ll be happy with.

Providing your hotel guests with in-room digital experiences is a must. Times are changing and the guests’ demand is as well. It’s critical to have a technology partner that meets your needs now and in the future. A partner that evolves with you. WCI innovative, in-room technology will keep your business thriving and competitive.

This is why WCI has developed WorldVue®. A fully customizable platform that delivers a full ray of entertainment straight to the in-room guest television. The use of customer knowledge will allow WCI to work with each property and effectively personalize the service for their guests.

WCI has not shied away from the fact that Covid-19 is still prominent. The services that hotels need to take into account are all features of WCI’s platform, WorldVue.

Cleanliness- Through our online housekeeping portal, staff can see when rooms where last cleaned and guests can feel safe in their room environment.

Contactless check-in- Not only are more hotel brands adapting to a native app for guests to not only book their reservations but check into their room and even pick their room location. Our system allows guests to be fully contactless. Guests can order room service, request items, view their bill and check out from their tv screen.

Communication- Properties can use WorldVue’s guest messaging to communicate with guests digitally.

Mobile Remote- Launched in August 2020, WCI’s Mobile Remote enables all streaming customers to give guests access to never having to touch the tv remote. As the guest checks in, their in-room television is automatically turned on with the appearance of a QR code. No app download is needed. The guest will then use their personal device to scan the QR code and using their internet browser, the guest can start controlling the tv. “Mobile has become increasingly important. Consumers are finding more ways to solve their own enquiries.” Says Siteminder.


WCI Mobile Remote

Making guests feel at home is what we do best. WCI supports customers in providing the best HD channel lineup with the most watched channels. Guests never have to miss a game, their favorite movie or tv show. Through the adaption of Google Chromecast and our native set-top-box streaming apps, guests can watch whatever they want, when they want.

It all boils down to the service the guest receives. Understanding the way guests are wanting their stay to look like is ever evolving, and the way the hotel adapts to these changes is all for the better! WCI is here for the ride with you.