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Your Hotel in 2022

As hotels come back on-line, some of them with new owners, they will need to re-establish themselves as leaders in the hotel experience. Technology should be at the heart of those design and operational decisions. World Cinema can help prepare your hotel in 2022.

Wireless Internet

The hotel of 2022 is going to be more than just a place to sleep. As the workplace is shifting to support remote options, flexible workspaces have become the new standard. Hotels are positioned to capitalize on this change. With strong WiFi connections and food service, many properties could offer rented lobby or desk space.

A strong WiFi connection in today’s world is expected. The threshold for a web page to open to full functionality is under 2 seconds. The latest generation of Wi-Fi, known as Wi-Fi 6, brings significant improvements as it continues its rollout.

The thing to note about Wifi 6 isn’t the maximum connection speed, it is the strength and therefore the ability to support even more devices at one time. This has prime benefits for hotels because of the high amount of internet devices they have on the property constantly.

World Cinema is already addressing the needs of customers through a strong internet connection. We pride ourselves in working with customers whether they are new builds or existing structures.


A Property Improvement Plan (“PIP”) is an essential step into the future of your hotel. It involves setting goals for physical and technological aspects of the property within the next 6-12 months. PIPs are a great way to increase the value of your hotel in a meaningful and thought-out manner.

These plans can be very costly to hotel-owners, but capitalizing on the new wave of technology and internet capabilities is necessary to grow profits. The hotel of the future will utilize all of the technological adaptions brought about by remote working environments of 2020, and much more. This requires capital investment now to enjoy profits later.

World Cinema is the ideal company to seek advice from in regards to starting your Property Improvement Plan. We are industry experts who understand how to fine-tune your technological goals to exactly fit your hotel brand and customers. Building a detailed PIP is what you need to bring your property to the next level of physical and technological excellence.

Trust Within Your Brand

Millennials have a hard time trusting businesses, and only 51% of millennials think businesses have a positive impact on society. In order for your business to gain and maintain the trust of your customers, the brand must be consistent and modernized to meet their standards.

You can count on World Cinema to help you reach these standards with ease and efficiency. Our advising has helped many businesses put their best foot forward and stay on the brink of the latest technological developments in the hospitality industry. Contact us to help you build your Property Improvement Plan and guide the transition into the hotel of 2022. GRE